Small Bumps in the Road

One direction fan fiction. hope you enjoy.


11. Just trying not to change a thing.

we began to watch '21 Jump Street' through out the movie we laughed a lot, everyone enjoyed it and had a blast. i started to get uncomfortable and wanted to move but the only thing that was stopping me was my big, ugly, swollen knee. i personally thought it was so gross, because it was so many different colors. but whatever about that i wanted something to drink anyways, plus it was a good excuse so i can get out of the spot i was in.

i started to get up right when i did a hand grabbed my wrist. i turned to look at who it is... Niall.

"well what do you think you are doing right now miss?" he told me with a smile.

"i wanted to get something to eat and drink, cause like i am hungry you know." i told him with a smile as well.

"here i'll go with you cause i am hungry too." he began to stand up and held on to one of my arms so in case that i didn't fall again cause i was still limping. once we got to the kitchen he took me to the island in the kitchen so i can lean on there while he goes through the fridge.

"did you guys eat all of the food?" i asked.

"kinda, i am sorry. what do you want cause you do have a lot of groceries  i can make you something." he told me looking away from and looking straight into my eyes.

i froze for a few seconds cause i was staring straight into his eye, and soon i got lost into them. i kept staring at those ocean blue eyes and started day dreaming about walking on the beach holding hands with him laughing and having a good time. i was snapped out of my thoughts after a while.

"Jasmine? Jasmine? are you ok?" Niall kept asking me

"huh? what? oh yeah i am fine." i told him reassuring him with a simple smile. i thought that it was a goo thing that he didn't know what i was thinking about cause that would've been embarrassing. WAIT!? why am i thinking these things i barely met him yesterday i can't possibly be liking him already

"so do you want me to make you something to eat?" Niall asked me again.

"yes please." i told him. "wait what are you gonna make me?

"hmm.. lets see. what about i make you some macaroni and cheese with a jam cooked sandwich." he told me.

"that sound delicious." i told him with excitement. 

-after the cooking. and food is done.-

"here you go." Niall told me placing me my plate in front of me on the island. he stood right in front of me. to me it looked really good. "thanks." i told him taking a bite.

"hey you wanna go hang out outside? on the porch?" Niall asked me.

"sure." i told him starting to limp to the patio outside with my food and drinks.

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