Small Bumps in the Road

One direction fan fiction. hope you enjoy.


3. Hello New Life

Jasmine's POV:

- 11 hours later -

"we have landed so collect your belonging and enjoy the rest of your day." the attendant told us as we were getting off of the plane.

i had my phone in may hand and one of my headphone is my ear listening to my music. i walked off and got off of the plane i knew this would be exciting cause i was finally starting a new life. i soon got a call and answered it in the first ring.

"hello" i said

"hey, i am here i cant wait to see you it feel likes it been forever"

"i know aha, i just got off the plane. where are you?"

"right behind you!"

i quickly turned around and saw Danielle there standing right in front of me. i yelled and attacked her with hugs. i have been knowing Danielle since i was six, she has been my best-friend since forever. she was always my neighbor until her and her parents moved when i was 14, she was always a few years older than me. she has come and visit me over summer but still it would've been nice to have her still be my neighbor next door. i even come visit her too until last summer when i turned 18 she got her own flat and told me if i wanted to move in since it was very spacious. i agreed and now i am here.

"how was your flight?" she asked me.

"it was long but i fell asleep through most of it cause i had no sleep last night." i responded

"well good thing you came last night with most of your stuff so you wouldn't have to unpack so much." Danielle said.

"i know, good thing i did." i said with relief.

she helped me with all of my things and we were soon in the car with all the bags and driving on the road. after what felt like a long ride we finally arrived at her flat, or what seems to be OUR flat now. it was so exciting cause i was letting go of my life and now saying hello to a new one.



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