Small Bumps in the Road

One direction fan fiction. hope you enjoy.


5. Hello my new friends!

Jasmine's POV:


 right when i was about to get off of the couch Dani beat me to it and was already at the door about to open it.

she opened it and exclaimed "hey!" 

through the door one by one came in 5 boys all giving Danielle one kiss on the cheek and a hug. but the last let me tell you about him, the stayed in a hug for like a good 10 minutes but i seemed so sweet. 'awe' i exclaimed to myself.

"oh yeah i almost forgot to introduce you guys." Dani said to all of us "well this is my best- friend in the whole entire world, and the cook for tonight. she just came in from the states this morning." i started to laugh to myself cause i thought she said a lot of information, like tell my whole life story. "her name is Jasmine." she finally said. they all smiled and introduced themselves one by one. 

"i am Harry" the curly haired one said sticking his hand so i could shake so i did.

"i am Zayn" to me he seemed like someone who like to mess around and have fun. he also stuck out his hand so i can shake it. i shook it as well.

"i am Louis" he seemed like a little kid. he stuck out his hand like the other did and i shake it too.

"i am Niall" he told me softly, he seemed sweet. just like the other he stuck out his hand.

" and i am Liam" he seemed like a puppy, it was cute.

"well its nice to meet you all. well if you guys are hungry i made you guys some food, so if your hungry join me." i walked away with a smile once we entered the kitchen i told them to serve themselves as much as they wanted and that i made a lot to go around. 

after everyone had served themselves we all ate around the table and started to talk to each other. well all laughed and i soon started to choke cause i got food stuck in my throat. after i got it out we all started to laugh more cause it was funny. i enjoyed being there, they were all fun and had a lot of jokes to tell me and everyone else.

"i have to admit this is really good!" liam told me. they all agreed, it made me feel accomplised and special to aha.

"thank you." i smiled as i responded to them.well all got up with our plates when we were done and put them in the sink so that they could get washed after wards. i started to wash the plate it was pretty quick to clean everything up with everyone helping me. 

"thanks guys." i told them.

"your welcome, and thank you for the meal." Zayn told me.

afterwards we headed towards the living room so we could watch a movie together. we all decided on 'White Chicks' even after we laughed so much together at the table we wanted to laugh even more so we chose that movie. 

through the movie we all laughed soo much. it was fun cause we would make fun of everything that was happening through out the movie. close to the end of the movie i started to get tired. i felt my eyelids getting heavy and soon everything went black and i was soft asleep

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