Small Bumps in the Road

One direction fan fiction. hope you enjoy.


2. Good-bye America! Hello Adventures!


Jasmine's POV:

"BBBBEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPP!" was all that i heard, i turned to see that my alarm clock when of signifying that i had to get a move on it. i got off my bed and rubbed my eyes and started to head towards to the shower.

-15 minutes later-

i got out of the shower and started to get ready the first thing that i saw and put on was sweats and a big sweater that had a big 'USC' logo on it. it belonged to my older brother Jesse, he let it for me before he went back to college. i missed him so much. after i slipped it on my long brunette hair went straight into a messy bun and i was off and out the house but before i could leave i left a note on the dinner table it read..

"hey mommy, 

well your little girl is growing up and its bitter-sweet, well i am gonna miss everything that i have grown up with especially you. i love you mom with all my heart and i just want to say that you are everything to me. i will never forget all of the memories that we have had, things like when i broke my foot at school and you were the first one there and you took me to the doctors and carried me like a baby. it made me feel like i was the only one that mattered in the world and i love that. i love you for that, also when you taught me how to ride a bicycle and right when you let me go the first thing i did was tip over and fall into a bush. we both laughed but i loved how when i got cuts and bruises you kissed them and made the pain go away. mommy i am going to miss all that we have been through when i needed advice i came to you and you told me what i wanted to hear and i love you for that. mommy just remember that this is not the end, you can always come and visit m whenever you want. Just tell me when you are so i can know! well i love you with all of my heart. bye mommy!

love with all of their heart,

Jasmine :)"

once i was almost out the door i took one last look of my old life and i soon closed the door and was off to the airport. 

i hopped into my car, and started to drive. i have to admit the drive was pretty fast rather than how it usually is. is it cause it was 3 in the morning and their was barely cars out or i just didn't pay attention to how long the drives are when i usually go.

i arrived at the airport and parked my car. i pulled out my bags, gotta admit those things were really heavy i dont know how i did it all by myself. well i just dragged them and went to go check in my bags and get my tickets. it was all done fast and soon my ticket was in my hand i was already at the checkpoint.

"ticket please?" TSA asked me.

"here you go." i nicely said and they handed back my ticket. 

i got through the checkpoint smoothly and quickly. i went to starbucks and ordered a coffee so i wouldn't get shut eye just yet. after i got my coffee i went to go sit on the chair with the plugs and started to charge my iPhone and Mac Book cause i know i needed entertainment for and 11 hour flight that was ahead of me.

-2 hour later-

"Now boarding flight 1110 to London , England in gate 3A" the intercom spoke out.

well that was my flight and i packed all of my things inside of my backpack and made my way to the gate. i arrived at gate 3A and saw the line that i had to form.

"ticket please?" the attendent asked me. 

"here you go." i said to her handing her my ticket.

"okay, thank you. go ahead and take your seat. i went in and i was the first one on the plain, i was so glad that i was able to get first-class cause i know i need the room in order for me to sleep.

soon everyone was settled down and calm. everyone had their seat belts buckled and the pilot old us that we were ready to depart. we were on the runway and soon off the ground and in the air.

i looked out the window to see the sun rising. i slowly whispered to myself.

"Good-bye America. Hello adventures."

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