Small Bumps in the Road

One direction fan fiction. hope you enjoy.


12. Getting To Know You Better



Jasmine's POV:


Niall took my food and drinks from my hands quickly took them out to the patio.

after he came back he helped me go outside to my meal by holding on to one of my

arms and walking out.


he sat me on one of the chair around the table  outside. after he took the seat

right across from me, to me it was perfect cause I can stare in those beautiful

blue eyes. STOP! ok just stop Jasmine you can't be thinking these things you

don't even know him completely so how are you suppose to know how he really is



"Niall let me ask you one thing?" I asked him with a simple smile.


"sure what is it?" Niall told me looking up from his plate of food.


Niall's POV:


"why did you bring me out here?" she asked me so sweetly.


"the reason to why I brought you out here was because I really wanted to talk to

you and get to know you better. you know like start a friendship between the two

of us." I told her kind of nervous cause I think I am starting to build feelings

for her.


like come on, she is amazingly beautiful. she has long brown hair which is

naturally wavy and soft. she has beautiful chocolate brown eyes, I get lost in

them. they might not be different like mines but they are beautiful just the way

they are.


"ok, Niall tell me about yourself." she questioned me while taking a spoon full

of her macaroni .


"we'll I don't know if you know if you know that I am from Ireland." I said with

sarcastic tone in my voice because of course she knew my accent of course.


"Aha, I can barely notice that your from there." she said starting to laugh.


I feel like with her I don't have to worry about what I do cause all I have to

do around her is be myself and that's what I look for in a girl. and I can tell

she is herself with me because of the fact that she is showing me who she is

without being shy at all.


"okay let's be serious about this" I said smiling cause I was trying to be

serious and I didn't work cause I soon began to laugh. "ok. ok. tell me how you

and Danielle met, like how did you guys become friend like you two are different

people." I said kind of amazed.


"we'll I have been knowing Danielle since we were like ... " she started to

think "I think like five maybe. we had the same dance class and teacher. and we

danced with each other till I was 13. that's when I stopped but me and Danielle

went to the same schools even though I had stopped dancing I would see her

everyday at school even though she was always a few years older than me. we have

been best friends ever since and I don't think we are stopping any time soon."

she told me kind of embarrassed at the fact that she was a dancer but got over

it towards the end.


all I did was let my jaw drop. "what !? you were a dancer I never thought about

that you would be one. but hey anything is possible." I said reassuring her with

a smile.


"hey how did you guys meet Danielle." she asked me curious while taking a bite

of her food.


"well it was when me and the boys were on the xFactor about I think almost a

year now. but she was a dancer for one of the songs that we sang. while we

weren't rehearsing with Simon and everyone we would start to talk to dancers and

one stood out to all five of us and obviously it was Danielle. after that day we

all got close to her and vise versa. even after we lost she was there to help us

through the tears and then she became part of us. we absolutely love her, as a

friend though but Liam. oh Liam is madly in love with her, they flirt with each

other it gets awkward for the rest of us to see it. but yeah that's is how we

met Ms.Danielle" I said simply while finishing my food.


"wait so you lost the xFactor?" she asked me kind of shocked.


"yeah but Simon thought we were really good as thought did all the public. about

the day after he called us to his office and we got signed. " I told he with a

smile because that is the memory that started it all for me.


"oh well he made the right decision cause look at all of your success now. first

let me tell you this." she told me pointing her spoon at me that had a little of

macaroni on. so when she  whipped her spoon in my direction then the macaroni

hit my face. she was stuck in an 'OH MY GOSH' face but all I did was keep my

eyes closed from when I flinched at the time it hit my face.


"really now. really!" I started to tell jasmine as I was cleaning my face with a

napkin and started laughing. we both began laughing together because it was so

funny. she was becoming tomato red, and silenced her laugh. she was really cute

when she laughed. I kept laughing but I couldn't keep my eyes off of her, she

was just so cute.

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