Open Up To Me

Luna Cook is just an average girl in a list world of being an orphan until she is 17 and is saved by her mother. She is put in a loving home but her brother Louis hates her and she is forced to leave. Will they meet and be happy again and will Luna find love.


1. My Other Half

Dear Louis,

I am sorry I am a waste of space nobody your mum found on the street. I tried to be a great sister to you but I failed, last night I felt like you actually cared because you were crying and maybe you do. I hope you will think of me at times I know I will sincerely miss you.

Your Little sister, Layne

I keep reading this thinking she will come back. I told her the most horrible things ever but she is my sister. She is a Tomlinson and that will never change. "Louis lets go I am starving"Niall whined and I put the note in my pocket. "Okay okay let's go"I said an got in the car. "Are you okay mate you seem out of it"Liam asked and I nodded. "Umm just thinking about Layne I feel her"I said every word true. We are going to the new Nando's down town.


We got there and walked in. This hostess walked us over to a table and we waited for our waitress. A girl I recognized came running in the door "sorry Philip I overslept"she said putting on her apron and walking over to us. "Hi I am Layne I will be your waitress tonight"she said and I jumped up and gave her a huge hug. "Thanks I needed that"she said and looked at me in the eyes "I missed you Louis"she said tears in her eyes and hugged me back. "Anyway can I get you anything to drink"she said and looked at us. "Yeah five cokes"I said and she left. "Woah she looks a lot like you"Harry said sarcastically. "We are not twins she is two years younger than me and she ran away after I told her she was a waste of space my mum found on the street"I said and Liam slapped me. "Why"he said and I shrugged. I smiled when she came back to take our orders but instead she sat and talked with us until her shift was over. "Please sleepover at our house I want to get to know you"I said and I could tell she wanted to just fall to the floor and cry tears of joy but instead she nodded. I need my sister, my other half.
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