I should remember

Hi I'm grace and this is a real story about my life and one direction I love one direction and if u read this it will break ur heart with the story ur about to read plz enjoy


2. My 1D life

I mean I love one dorection I said to my friends one day I hate boys and my BFF said well u like Harold don't u I said well yah he's an exception they laughed I have pictures blowing up my phone of 1D an I have a picture that shows a row of students a girl in the bam looking straight and all the boys turned their heads tO look at her and I teacher hands on hips saying ALRIGHT WHO WROTE ONE DIRECTION IS SEXY ON THE WHITE BOARD. I shared it with my friends and they said grace that's soo u I sai ya I know my friends know me as a threat if they say somthing bad about 1D they know somones getting choked killed or hurt so they back off with that my cousin said were do five horrible singers go one direction I kicked him in the balls slapped him upside the head and walked away laughing I was so happy he never said anything like that again he did once in front of two guy friends they all laughed I punched them in the balls stepped on their feet slapped them and said one more time one more time that was the last insult I heard from them !
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