I should remember

Hi I'm grace and this is a real story about my life and one direction I love one direction and if u read this it will break ur heart with the story ur about to read plz enjoy


1. A new life

I was in the car with my cousin Macy she turned on the radio an I heard a song it was catchy my cousin macy sang to it " that's whats makes u beautiful Oo every one else in the room can see it...." lol I laughed who at they I asked " only the cutest band in the world "! At that time I was thinking Zach effron is sooo HOt and then I looked up one direction sang all there songs memorized them And got there cd played it and still do ! But I found there names Harold Zayn niall Liam and Louis I thought Harold was cute when I found out that we ideally call him Harry I call him Harold so people don't make fun of him "Harry" after that day I loved one direction a week after we moved into a new home and I wasent doing good in school we stayed there for about 3yrs then moved again this time we were gonna decor my room i put a sticker on my bed frame it said FUTURE MISS STYLES and a picture of him underneath we went to stores to buy posters cuz my mom new I was obsessed with them though I did not want to smuther them too much I have 3 posters of them I poste of puppies and I liked shake it up so I got that and hung it I have a one direction book and notebook a 1D well 2 shirts with them on it magazines of them but that's it I want to get this so called 1D movie my friend said she watched it I went to family video u can buy it online but it hadent even come out in this region yet so I was mad hoed she get it or see it my mom told me that if I got higher than a c I could go to there concert not front seat though my mom cant afford much so suppriseingly shell pay for that were not a weather familiy as u can see I've tried my hardest to do my work my friend is going with so shes helping me finish if I dident do it before the teacher comes in I love my friends 2 guys like me brice and Abdule brice is popular know it all that would higher my standards but nah and Abdule is one of those I'm do kool guys the bad boys ones yah noway am I ever going for him!!!!
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