My School Life

Have you ever been called a nerd, dumb ass, slut, or bitch?? Well, I, Alyssa Wilson, have been called those things every day since I was in middle school. Guess what?? I'm in 11th grade. I have put up with those bullies for years. Well, this is MY high school life.


3. Lunch

Alison's P.O.V
It was finally lunch. Alyssa seems like a nice and insecure girl. I had a surprise for her during lunch. She is going to meet a guy that all the girls drool for. She might like him also. Or become best friends. Like how I and him are.
Alyssa's P.O.V
Alison and I were waiting on line for our lunch then my tummy decided to talk. "Sorry. I'm really hungry" I told Alison while I was a bit embarrassed. "It's okay. Everyone's stomach does that here and there." She replied back with a smile and patting her belly. "Man I'm hungry." She said after the 2 minutes of silence. We finally got out red plate with food and beverages. I got PJ Sandwich with milk and Alison got meatballs and spaghetti with milk and water. Then we got seated then all of the sudden a charming man came to our table.
Harry's P.O.V
Alison told me to go meet the new girl. I love meeting new people. Especially new girls. "HARRY YOUR SUCH A PERV!" Alison screamed out to me. "How?" I replied back "I know what you are thinking about!" She exclaimed while covering some girls face. Wow. Alison playing a game here. "Your gonna get it!" I warned Alison.
Alyssa P.O.V
After the screaming between Alison and some kid named Harry. Alison sat down and had a smirk on her face. Then a cute tall curly haired dude came up to Alison and spilled water on her. I started cracking up. Harry sat next to Alison like nothing happened. Alison then shouted "HARRY EDWARD STYLES, YOU JUST DID NOT DO THAT!" He looked at me and then look at Alison and told her "I told you, you were gonna get it." Harry started to laugh. Oh my god. His dimples, his eyes, his curly locks and his everything. I think I'm having the experience on love at first sight. Then he got up and sat next to me.
Alison's P.O.V
Harry spilled a whole freaken water bottle on me. It looks like I jizzed in my pants. Great. "Come on lets go to the bathroom." I nodded as Alyssa and I got up heading toward the bathroom. "Ughhh I hate Harry." I told Alyssa "But you have to admit it was kind of funny." Alyssa said while getting paper towels. "No it wasn't. It looks like I jizzed my pants." I replied back a bit mad "But it was." Alyssa replied. I stuck my tongue out at Alyssa. When we got out of the bathroom Harry started talking about him spilling water on me. Soon everyone was laughing uncontrollably on the floor rolling. As soon as Alyssa and I calmed down, we were heading out the door for our next class and left Harry there. But as soon as we opened the door, John was there then he started saying rude things to Alyssa.

Authors Note:
Hey guys. Sorry for not updating in a while. I hope you guys like it.
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