My School Life

Have you ever been called a nerd, dumb ass, slut, or bitch?? Well, I, Alyssa Wilson, have been called those things every day since I was in middle school. Guess what?? I'm in 11th grade. I have put up with those bullies for years. Well, this is MY high school life.


1. How It ALL Started....

*4 Years Ago* 

Alyssa's POV

I stepped into my new school. Seaside Middle School. I'm Alyssa and I'm, as you tell, I'm the new girl here. Sucks for being the new girl. I looked around and kids were whispering and pointing. I wonder who? Oh well. I started looking for my locker with my number on it. 369,369- there it is. I walked toward the locker unlocked it. I took out my books and started looking for my class. As I was looking around, I bumped into someone, big much taller than me.

"Hey watch where you're going, dumbass!" he yelled and his friends just laughed. Great way to start a new school, huh?? He pushed past me and  made my books fall to the ground. "Next time you should think twice if you don't want your life to be hell.

Don't I have the best life?? -insert sarcasm here- . I picked up my books and walked around the school looking for my class. I found my class and this is where the hell started

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