Elemental High

Elemental High is a magical school for those born with special element abilities. Once 13, they are sent to Elemental High. They are taken away from their family and forced to live with other elements.

Felicia Bennett is one of those kids.

Born with the ability of fire, she is sent to Elemental High… but will it do her any good?


1. Prologue

I munched on my coco-pops cereal and sighed. It was starting out to be a ridiculously boring 13th birthday. I wore my boring school uniform and slouched in a boring position while sitting at the dinner table. Everything was BORING… and it was my birthday! I fiddled with my dark brown hair as I stared down at my breakfast. I chewed and chewed and finally my mother came down from upstairs.

“Happy Birthday, Felicia,” she yawned, dusting her blue dressing gown with her hands.

I could tell by the look of my mother’s expression that she was upset. No matter how hard she tried to hide her sadness, I could always recognize it.

“Is everything… alright?” I asked.

Before her mother could answer, the door was knocked down. You know... naturally.

In walked two men in a black suit, wearing black shoes and black sunglasses… as if they were spies or something. They walked in with no “Hello” Or “Hey, how’s it going?”. Well would you expect them to? They just knocked down our door!

“Who are these people?” I gasped as I jumped out of my seat.

A man walked in between the ‘tweedle-scary’ and ‘tweedle-scarier’. He had coal black, flame like hair and was dressed in an indigo suit.

“Sorry about the door, the Elementor’s get a little… aggressive… when there are new students to collect,” the man apologized as he cleared his throat, “Felicia Bennett, you are to be transported to Elemental High, Year 1, a place where you will fit-"

“Can you at least fix the door?” snapped my mother.

“Oh, why of course,” the man laughed and he waved his hands. The door sprung to life and snapped back onto the doorframe.

“Whoa…” I stammered, “How… how did you do that?”

“Mrs. Element will explain when we get there,” the man replied.

“Am I leaving?”


“To this… Elemental High?”


“Is it nice there?”


“Is my mother coming?”

“Uh… no.”

I stamped my foot, “Then I’m not leaving. Simple.”

“That’s not accepted. You MUST come with us. You have the ability of fire, Felicia, that’s not normal. Therefore you are ordered to leave your... erm... life…” the man explained, quite poorly.

“No… You want me to come with you. You don’t need me to come. Get out of my house,” I snarled.

“Pack your bags, Felicia,” one of the Elementor’s ordered, stepping forward.

I leaned forward in front of his face, “No.”

The Elementor waved his hand and a small electric shock ran up my spine. The world was a blur for a moment but I appeared back in my original spot, clutching two suitcases.

“What just happened?” I asked, blinking like crazy.

“Leave now, questions later,” the man said quickly, “You should probably say good bye to you mother as you’ll never see her again until your 19.”

I wrapped my arms around my mother and began to cry.

“I don’t know what’s happening mum, but I’ll always love you…”

“I’ll miss you too, for you to go to Elemental High was a thing I had to live with,” my mother sighed as she placed a silver locket around my neck, “Not even the hottest of flames can kill that locket, it can't be broken. I’ll always be with you…”

“We have to go, take care, Louise…” the man notified as he grabbed my hand.

I loosened his grip around my hand, put my hand behind my back and scowled, “Just because your taking me to this “Elemental High”, doesn’t mean you have to act so nicey-nice,” I looked away, “Your separating me from my mother, she’s the only family I have…”

The man looked at the Elementor’s, “Fine…”

I walked outside to the front door and the man looked at me, “Its either you teleport with us to Elemental High or you get lost in space…” he then offered his hand, “…Which one?”

I sighed and grabbed his hand.

We were all zoomed up into the sky, except for my human mother. That was the last time I was going to see her for the next six years...

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