Elemental High

Elemental High is a magical school for those born with special element abilities. Once 13, they are sent to Elemental High. They are taken away from their family and forced to live with other elements.

Felicia Bennett is one of those kids.

Born with the ability of fire, she is sent to Elemental High… but will it do her any good?


2. Chapter 1

I landed on the ground a few seconds after take off.

“Ouch…” I moaned, lifting myself up.

I looked around, nice... but I'd rather be back at home. I lifted myself off of pure, green grass and a marble fountain stood just up ahead. I was standing slightly off the middle of a square courtyard. Behind the fountain was a huge building that stretched around the sides. The sky was completely blue and not a single cloud was in sight.

“This is the Main Courtyard,” announced an Elementor whom kicked down our door not too long ago, “Just follow the path ahead and walk into the building via the brass doors. There you will find your helper. She will help you from there.”

And with that, he was gone in a puff of purple smoke.

I rolled my eyes, what a show off. I walked along the white coloured brick pathway towards the brass doors. When I reached the doors, I pushed them open with an almighty heave. A teenage girl (around my age) stood there, waiting for me. She had violet coloured hair with a long, aqua blue streak through it, like it had been streaked on with paint. She had violet eyes and a fair complexion and wore a purple dress with aqua blue polka dots scattered on it.

“Hello! You must be Felicia Bennett! I’m Violet, and I’ll be your guide throughout Elemental High!” the girl introduced as she bowed to me.

I watched her and thought about curtseying… but I had way too many questions.

“Hi… um… I’ve got a question, what exactly IS Elemental High?” I questioned, “ I didn’t get much of an explanation from that guy, you know? The one that looks like he had been electrocuted straight to his hair?”

Violet giggled, “Oh that’s Mr. Elemental, the Vice Headmaster. Elemental High is like a boarding school for people with Elemental Powers. You see your father was an Elemental. He passed down the power to you. Now you have to live as an Elemental and attend Elemental High. There are six elements, Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light and Dark.”

“Oh… my father was an elemental?” I sighed.

Violet nodded, “I’m sorry for bringing up your father, but now its time now for your appointment,” Violet reassured.

“Appointment? With who?” I asked.

“With Mrs. Elemental! She’s the headmaster,” Violet replied.

Violet hurried off down the hallway with Felicia following closely behind. Violet then stopped at a sky blue door with ‘Headmasters Office’ engraved in the middle with, what looked like, gold. Violet twisted the handle and opened the door.

There was no ordinary office. The door opened to an endless sky with clouds floating calmly. A lady with blonde hair, blue eyes and a fair complexion sat peacefully on the cloud, meditating. A peaceful melody drifted through the air like silk and the air smelt faintly of strawberries. She wore a long dress coloured gold, which seemed to flutter with no wind at all. Clouds floated over towards Violets feet making a path to the lady. We walked on the clouds, feeling like we were walking on a jumping castle.

“Uh… Mrs. Elemental?” Violet whispered.

Mrs. Elemental opened one eye and the whole room changed. We all dropped into brown, wheelie office chairs; the floor turned into wooden planks and the wall was draped in cream wallpaper. Mrs. Elemental sat at a desk pilled up with paperwork’s, letters and a lamp sat peacefully on the right hand corner.

“Ah hello Violet,” Mrs. Elemental smiled as she faced me and nodded, “Felicia, I was just in the middle of my morning meditation.”

Violet gestured her hand to me, “Mrs. Elemental, this is…”

“Felicia, I know. My my, you’ve grown a lot since I saw you when you were just a tiny baby!” Mrs. Elemental grinned.

I blushed.

“Well,” Mrs. Elemental continued, “I’m Mrs. Elemental and we welcome you to Elemental High, Felicia Flame.”

I shook my head, “Sorry, Mrs. Elemental, but my name is Felicia Bennett.” I corrected.

“Oh we are very much aware that your surname is Bennett,” replied Mrs. Elemental, “But here at Elemental High, we change your last name depending on your element. So it’s Felicia Flame.”

“And I’m Violet Spark, I control the power of Light,” Violet added.

“Oh…” I sighed, now understanding.

Mrs. Elemental stood and brushed her dress, “Now,” she started as she slowly pushed a certificate towards me, “If you want to become a student here, you must sign the certificate of confirmation to Elemental High.”

I scanned the certificate. It had my name, date of birth, element, hair colour, eye colour and the date. “But… I don’t want to become a student…” I said as I pushed the certificate away, “I want to return to my mother…”

Mrs. Elemental cleared her throat, “Let me rephrase that. You must be a student here therefor, you must sign the certificate.”Mrs. Elemental snapped her fingers and a floating gold pen appeared beside me. I grabbed the pen and signed on the dotted line, leaving a trail of sparkles. The certificate glimmered and disappeared.

“Thank you!” Mrs. Elemental grinned, “Now just stand back you two…”

Violet and I hopped off of our seats and took a couple of steps back. A blue door appeared beside Mrs. Elemental desk.

“That door will lead to your dorm. You will sharing a room with Chrissie Air, Kate Bubble and Lily Bright,” Violet explained, “I’ll catch up with you soon in the not-so-distant future.” Violet handed me my suitcases, “Bye Felicia!”

I gave a small nod and walked towards the blue door, which then opened very slowly. I took a step inside the room and gazed around. The room had cream wallpaper and a cream, fluffy carpet that you could sink your feet into.There were three sets of bunks with light brown doona covers on the mattresses. There was a walk in robe built into the wall and little, six tables for each bunk.A window sat above the six tables and it had a wonderful view of the courtyard.

“Not bad..." I whispered, under my breath.

“Bye Felicia and enjoy your stay!” called Mrs. Elemental as the portal door shut close behind me. I spun around and the door had disappeared and left the normal, dorm door behind it.

The dorm door swung open and a girl ran in. She had mouse, brown hair and hazel eyes. She wore a white t-shirt and blue skinny leg jeans with white slip on shoes. Bright, diamond earrings dangled from her earlobes and she wore about ten white bracelets on each arm.

She stopped dead as she got to her bunk and twisted her head to look at me. She straightened up and ran over to me.

“Hi, hi, HI! You must be Jenna Ground!” she smiled energetically.

“No sorry, I’m Felicia Benn… I mean Felicia Flame,” I introduced.

“Oh right! Jenna must be coming in a couple of months, whoops! I’m Chrissie Air, born with the power of wind! I’ve been at Elemental High year 1 for… hmm… two years now! I failed my end of year exam because I don’t really lock things in my mind, y’know? But hopefully, I can move into Elemental High year 2 end of this year!” Chrissie smiled as she spoke quickly, “You better hurry up and get to your first class, which class are you in?”

I shrugged, “ I have no idea…”

“Ooooooh, didn’t your helper give you a…” Chrissie started as a school diary dropped into her hands, “Ah, here it is!”

I was handed my diary and I opened it up. A gold hologram popped up of Mrs. Elemental.

“Welcome, Felicia Flame, to Elemental High!” Mrs. Elemental’s “hologram” grinned, “As you can see, you have been given a school diary. Unlike a normal school diary you might of have had at your old school, this diary will not require any handwork. It will automatically open to your page for that day and list down anything that is important for example your schedule, reminders and to-do list. We hope you enjoy your stay here at Elemental High.” The hologram flickered and disappeared into the pages of the diary. The pages flicked magically to the first day. In the time slot, golden words appeared reading “Newbie Info”.

“Oh, obviously! You have Newbie Info, there you get all sorts of stuff!” Chrissie laughed as she hopped over to her bottom bunk and grabbed a book off her bed. “Well you better hurry! Class starts in… A FEW MINUTES! Sorry, Felicia, but I have to head off. Maybe you can meet up with my friends in the cafeteria? Anyways, I’m off to Elemental Language! GTG, Felicia!!!”

Chrissie rushed out the room and downstairs to her class. Wow, it looks like she’s had WAY too much candy, I wondered as I chuckled. The bell rang and I jumped to my feet and ran to my class, not knowing where I was going…






“Miss Flame, your late,”

I smiled with embarrassment entering the classroom. Looks like I’m the only “newbie” starting today…

“Sorry Mrs.…?”

“Mrs. Plazma,” the teacher replied.

“Sorry Mrs. Plazma but I lost my way…”

Mrs. Plazma laughed, “Oh its ok, darling I’m only joking around. You’ve had a busy day. You just had a bit of… shock after you left your family, right?”


“Sit down child, don’t stand there like a frightened Chihuahua!”  Mrs. Plazma ordered (in a nice way).

I sat down at the desk in front of her.

“Elemental High is a day and night school that children, like your self, attend to learn more about their capable abilities,” Mrs. Plazma informed, “You, Felicia, is what we call an Element Keeper. Everyone holds different elements, but you hold the power of fire… such as myself. Before you go running a-muck though, I have a few things to give to you. Introducing the Ele-Smart Phone!”

Mrs. Plazma clicked her fingers and an iPhone-like device fell out of thin air and into my lap. I picked the iPhone-like device up and started to inspect it. It had a cover with the symbol of fire.

“Isn’t this an iPhone?” I queried.

Mrs. Plazma grinned, “Yes and no. It’s an iPhone but updates with Elemental High qualities. It contains special apps like a school map, element spells, a school journal, a calculator… pretty much everything!”

Mrs. Plazma rose from her table and cocked her head to one side, “What size are you, sweetie?”

I stammered for an answer, “Um… I’m… I’m not quite sure…”

Mrs. Plazma hummed to herself and waved her hand. A school uniform appeared in front of my face and a puff of smoke followed. I coughed and gagged until the smoke cleared. I looked down and I wore the school uniform. I stood up and Mrs. Plazma ushered me to a body-length mirror. I wore a white t-shirt with the fire symbol patch sewed below my right collar. Below that was a red, black and white plaid skirt along with black stockings and black, polished shoes. To finish off, a tie with the same pattern as my skirt hung around my neck.

“Perfect! Does it fit alright?” Mrs. Plazma asked.

I swayed my hips causing my skirt to swing side-to-side, “Yeah, I guess so…”

Mrs. Plazma brightened, “Great! Oh yeah, you’ll need this!”

A small, black pouch appeared in my hand that could attach to my skirt.

“This little beauty is a universal pouch, they hold anything and everything. You can store any accessories or your Ele-Smart Phone… pretty much anything. But don’t store TOO much, it will become harder to find things,” Mrs. Plazma explained, “Sorry Felicia, but this is the end of your first class and I’m starving cause I skipped breakfast. If you have any questions, feel free to ask your Ele-Smart Phone. See you around!”

Suddenly, Mrs. Plazma was gone in a blink of an eye. She explained a lot... but not enough...

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