something sweet in new york

skyler lue hasap, a 18 year old girl moves to new york to fulfull her modling career. she finds someone who might be able to help her in her hard jernoy to the career of her life


6. the harry styles call

  harrys p.o.v


    It was 6:01 i was waiting for her to bust through the door. She did. in a light blue dress, black heels, and another hand made flower hat. 

" sorry i'm late, i couldn't find a matching flower hat so i had to make another! So why did you wanna see me"

" i... umm ..... wanted to ask you to come on tour with us... you know me and my gang the direction fellas" i sounded like a mess but i tried to sound cool but she didn't care she had her jaw dropped almost like she couldn't believe the words she just heard. 

 ' i, i'd love, to i want to, i cant wait, when do we leave!!!!?????"

"now" i said quick like i was ripping off a band-aid stuck to my hairy leg hair.

"but i'm not um packed?!" said skyler

that's when i had zayn rush through the door and look at her and say "while you two talked me and the fellas packed up for yah"

then skyler whispered...............

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