something sweet in new york

skyler lue hasap, a 18 year old girl moves to new york to fulfull her modling career. she finds someone who might be able to help her in her hard jernoy to the career of her life


5. telling mama

skyler p.o.v

 "Mom im my own person and im moving to new york thats the end of the desscusion!"

I ran up stairs slamed my door and started packing my bags. I had been fighting with my mom about this topic for a hour now and i just wanted to leave. Just then my phone rang, *call from 8622300382* I picked it up instintly and he said

"Listen meet me at the cafe at 6:00 tonight dont be late" he hung up

I almost fainted and i was tearing up because he acctually called me. Harry acctuled called me this is something sweet in new york



to be contuide......

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