something sweet in new york

skyler lue hasap, a 18 year old girl moves to new york to fulfull her modling career. she finds someone who might be able to help her in her hard jernoy to the career of her life


3. right place right time

skyler p.o.v

 I was happy and cheerfull and i danced down the streets of newyork and sang a lil tune my mom sang to me when i was a little girl {your a happy girl cause you followed your dream you are a winner no matter what to me} But in that same secound i went crashing to the ground when a small hand helped me up. I looked up in awe to see harry zayn liam niall and louis. Harry looked at the boys and they smiled and walked away as if his look told them a millon words! I gazed into his never ending emrald green eyes and he took me by the hand and said in the sweetist brittish voice

" Ecusse me maam but i think i owe you a coffe and lunch?"

I smiled and followed him into a lovley cafe named the hunny nest. He pulled my chair out and from there on i knew he was something special something diffrent from all the others he was his own person and that alone made me smile.

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