something sweet in new york

skyler lue hasap, a 18 year old girl moves to new york to fulfull her modling career. she finds someone who might be able to help her in her hard jernoy to the career of her life


4. hunny nest talking

harry p.o.v


Her eyes, her lips, her cherry hair, perfect flower hat obisly made by hand, just made me know she was that girl who liked me not my fame and money

"So your a modle...hmm i thought you were a singer"

She gigled and it made me smile and as i smiled she held my hand and said softly

"I dont belive in love at first sight or one true love but i do belive i found the one the only one and the harry one"

She smirked and passed a piece of papper over with her number. she said nothing else and just got up and walked out i was in awe and i knew she was the perfect girl i wanted and i had to tell the boys


I walked into the tour bus the boys looked at me and i heard zayn say

"Is she the one?"

"Yea yea,she is" i smiled and sliped on my i love vegas sweats and tee and went to bed."

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