something sweet in new york

skyler lue hasap, a 18 year old girl moves to new york to fulfull her modling career. she finds someone who might be able to help her in her hard jernoy to the career of her life


1. this is me

skyler p.o.v

my mom just does NOT get the fact that im 18 and i can chooes my own career choice and mine is modling and im staying with it! My mom is annoying and usless to me now. My next move is moving out,far away from this stuiped state of rundown ohio! I skyler am moving to newyork the most overpopulated sweet state and i WILL be the best i repeat best modle. My mom can cry and beg for me to be what she wants to be but im me. My modle adviser says my cherry blonde hair and super blue eyes would get a cover of poise magizin. She says my biggist thing going for me is my addiction to wear flower crowns and hats, She says its my trade mark! I could make it big if i only had a sponser, I have a meeting with my adviser monday. In new york, near my new house. Mom dosnt know i got the new house, shell be mad ferious...But im me im going for it.

I shut my diary hoping that my interviwe tommro would work and id be great. I sluged on my i heart vegas shorts and tee and climbed into my fluffy bed took a sip of my water and dozzed off.

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