Flying to heaven

A young woman is caught up in a deadly game with a gangster boss,who will win in the battle of wits.


2. Chapter two



The old man stood looking out of the warehouse window at the approaching car; he used the old abandoned warehouse from time to time as a meeting place.

He watched as the car drew nearer, the cigarette in his hand almost finished, Herbert Shadbolt was nearly sixty three and he still loved to live the life of a gangster.

His once dark hair now receded grey, bald on top apart from the grey at the sides, he wore thick round glasses, and he was as blind as a bat without them.

His old face was a mean looking one, he had been a bare knuckle fighter in his youth on the docks, winning most of his fights, he smiled as he remembered once he had lost to an Italian, a monster of a man and he had knocked Herbert out cold and broken his nose.

That night he and two friends had gone to the pub, the Italian had been there drinking at the bar, without so much as a word, Herbert had picked up a chair and smashed it over the Italians head, the man had gone down and Herbert had proceeded to kick the shit out of him.

He always got his man or woman if he was ever beaten or double crossed, he was like a demon that couldn’t be killed, and he just kept coming back.

He heard the car pull up inside the belly of the ware house; he moved away from the window and walked down the wooden stairs to the floor below.

His three men stood by the car, Mack was holding the woman in his arms, and her head was turned away from Herbert.

“We got her boss”, Terry stepped forward and said, Peter right besides him added, “We killed her parents just like you said boss”.

Herbert rubbed his chin, “Good now lets make this bitch pay, and no one crosses me and lives”.

Mack pushed the girl to the floor in front of Herbert, “There you go boss all yours”, and Mack smiled at his boss.

Herbert put his shoe on the girls head and pushed it back, “You killed my son and now it’s your turn bitch”.

He stopped and his mouth fell open, the girl before him was not Lucy Cooper, “What the fuck”, he shouted out.

The three men looked at him, “You fucking idiots this is the wrong girl”, he kicked the girl over onto her back.

She starred up at him, tears in her eyes, “you fuck”,he walked over to Peter and slapped him round the face, he then kicked Mack up the arse,”You fucking wankers”.

He jumped up and down for a second, his anger as bad he didn’t know what to hit next, he smacked Terry round the side of the head,”Wanker, cunts”.

“Sorry boss we didn’t know”, Terry said rubbing the side of his head.

“Didn’t fucking know you wanker”, Herbert took a deep breath and tired to calm down.

“I want that girl and I want her now”, he looked from one to the other, “Do you understand”.

“Yes boss”, Terry said for all of them.

“Shoot this piece of shit”, Herbert said pointing to the girl, “And bury her in the woods well”.

“Okay boss2, Terry stepped forward and held the gun to the girls head.




Lucy saw Tina standing in the street looking down the small road, even a thick arse like her could surely work out the house was down here.

Sure enough Tina began to walk down the short road and through the gates, time for me to leave she thought to herself.

She heard Tina’s foot steps on the gravel drive and made her way out of the bedroom; she gently shut the door and moved down the stairs, she just beat her dad, as she slipped past the door and round to the kitchen at the back of the house.

She heard him talking to Tina as she went out the back door, she couldn’t risk going round the front, so she went across the lawn and climbed over the wooden fence.

She had parked her car just down the road from the back garden and now she made her way towards it.

She didn’t feel sorry for Tina, the goons who turned up would think it was her, hopefully they would leave her parents alone, maybe a whack but that would be all but Tina would get it bad when the boss found out it wasn’t her.

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