Flying to heaven

A young woman is caught up in a deadly game with a gangster boss,who will win in the battle of wits.


3. Chapter three




It was a chance meeting, a one in a thousand chance and it happened, Lucy was out shopping but she was not concentrating much on the shops, she had more pressing things on her mind and how the hell to get out of this situation.

Then like a heaven sent image the pieces of the puzzle fell into place, Tina Stapleton stood before her, looking in the clothes shop window, her face reflected in the glass like a mirror.

Lucy composed herself, she had to some how make this work, “OH my god its you Tina”, she shouted out in mock surprise, Tina turned round and Lucy noticed at once that she wore far to much make up but she was pretty in a funny sort of way as well.

Tina looked at her for a moment, trying to recall where she knew the face then she said, “OH my god Lucy Cooper”, the two women hugged.


Young Lucy walked into the school play ground, her mouth in her stomach, she waited for the taunting to start but she couldn’t see her tormentors any where, maybe they had gone into the school early she thought.

She hitched up her ruck sack on her back and walked pasted the row of teachers cars at the start of the play ground, they stepped out from behind the cars, “Lucy is a slag”, shouted out Tina Stapleton, she hated Tina so much so caused poor Lucy so much pain with her bullying.

“Lucy is pie in the sky, lets fly to heaven you retard”, Tina shouted out again, the other girls with her laughed and pointed at Lucy.

Ever since that day when Lucy had told one of Tina’s friends that she wanted to fly to heaven just like a bird when she died, they had taunted her with it ever since.

Tina stepped forward now brave with the backing of her mates, “What you got in the ruck sack bitch”.


“Don’t nothing me let me see”, Tina pulled at the straps and Lucy cried out, lucky a teacher was parking her car, “Let go of that girl”, the teacher said firmly.

Tina backed off when she saw the teacher and began to walk with her friends into the school entrance.

That is how it was for a couple of years, Tina made Lucy’s life a night mare, pinching her lunch, slapping her round the face and making her cry, taunting her calling her a retard at every opportunity and saying lets fly to heaven.


Lucy was a pretty looking young woman and she didn’t mind admitting it, with her long red hair and hazel eyes, she could have been a model and she knew she looked better than Tina Stapleton.

“So how are you Tina”, she stood back and looked at the woman in front of her.

“I am well thanks working for a bank and yes I’m doing okay what about you”.

Lucy didn’t want to tell the bitch too much, she changed the subject quickly, “Tell you what I’m having a little party in a couple of days please it would be great if you could come, we could talk and maybe be friends from now on”.

Tina’s face darkened for a second and then she smiled a sorry smile, “I have changed since school Lucy, I am not proud of what I done to you”.

“Then you can make it up to me by saying yes to coming to my house”.

Tina smiled, “Okay why not it will be fun”.

She took out her mobile phone, “Okay give me your number”, Lucy called out the numbers and then dug into her hand bag and took out a card with her address on.

“This is where I live with my parents; you will like them very down to earth people”.

Tina clapped her hands, “Great I can’t wait to catch up”, and she hugged Lucy once more and made her small talk and walked away.

Lucy watched as the woman walked away,”Fuck you bitch”, she said and smiled to herself.



Greg lay on the bed his breathing shallow, Lucy stood over her boyfriend tears in her eyes, she held the used syringe in her hand, “Why did you have to do it Greg”, she said to the dying figure on the bed.

She had come round uninvited and found him like this close to death, he had taken an over dose, he was a junkie and had been for years but she loved him and was trying to wean him off the drugs.

He was always weak, his father didn’t really show him any love, just gave him money from time to time, his father had wanted him to work for him but Greg was never interested.

She dropped the syringe and sat on the bed, Greg’s last breath came out of his body and she held tightly onto his hand, with tears in her eyes she said softly, “Good bye my darling you fly to heaven”, she paused and went on, “And I fly and join you one day soon my love”.

She had only meet his father once and now she thought back on that occasion, they had been going out for six months, Greg had told her that his dad was a powerful man and ran his own business, of course she found out later who he really was.

They had been round his flat when through the door walked an old man with thick glasses; he stopped and looked at her he didn’t smile.

“Hey dad”, Greg called out from the kitchen; he was making a cup of tea for them.

“Do you want a cup of tea”?

The old man looked at Lucy and sneered, “No I just came to give you some money son”.

He put the envelope on the side board, Greg came into the room, and “This is Lucy Cooper dad we have been going out for six months”.

The man didn’t smile just nodded his head, he gave her an evil look and it made her skin crawl, “That so son”.

“Come on dad be friendly it’s my girlfriend”, Greg had taken a hit a little while ago and was in his happy mood.

The old man pointed at his son’s chest and said, “You never tell me to be friendly you fucking junkie cunt”.

Greg stepped back and looked shocked, “I gave you a chance to work with me and make something of yourself but instead you take drugs and go out with little whores”.

The old man turned and opened the door, with his back to them he added, “Girls and drugs will be the death of you son”, and with that he walked out and Lucy never saw him again while she was with Greg.

“Wow that’s some father you got there”, she said to him trying to compose herself after that out burst.

“Sorry about that love forget him he is old and cranky”.


Lucy stood up from the bed and let Greg’s hand go, his arm flopped back onto the bed, she would just leave and let it all be, she moved out of the room, it was a few days later that she heard of her mistake, her finger prints were on the syringe and Greg’s father Herbert Shadbolt the gangster boss was after her blood.



There were no tears as the old man looked at his son’s dead body on the bed, the ambulance men and police were also in the room, most of the policemen he knew, some of them were on his payroll.

The police man put the syringe into a plastic bag, “I want that tested for prints Bill and I want the results back fast”; the old man was blunt and straight to the point.

“Hey no problem Herbert” the policeman said.

“Today you call me Mr Shadbolt”.

The policeman nodded and got to his feet, “It just looks like a drug over dose Mr Shadbolt”.

The old man looked again at his dead son, “I want all avenues checked just in case”.

The policeman left the room, the ambulance men lifted the body onto the wheeled cot a black body bag on top, and they zipped up the bag and wheeled the body out of the room.

He had a feeling that bitch of a girl friend was involved, why had it taken two days for a neighbour to find the body, where the hell had she been during all this.



The old man took off his thick glasses and cleaned them the two hoods stood in front of him at the old warehouse.

“I want you two to go and stay at the house till that bitch comes home”.

Errol and Johnson nodded their heads, both of these hoods were black men, they both stood well over six feet tall and both were built like brick shit houses, the many long hours in the gym a testament to their size.

Errol was a loner and never hardly went out, he had afro hair and a small goatee beard, he was a good looking young man, Johnson on the other hand loved to party and he looked real mean with his bald head and flat nose.

Herbert put his glasses back on and looked at the two huge men, “I want that cunt dead do you understand me”.

Errol spoke first, “Yes boss”.

The old man looked at Johnson, “Cat got your tongue boy”.

Any one else calling him boy would have felt his anger big time but he knew his boss to well and no one messed with this mean mother fucker ever.

“No problem boss”, the big man cleared his throat.

Herbert had called these two in because he could trust them to do the job, he had used them on several occasions and they had always done the job at hand.

He had found out the test results from the syringe in the morning from policeman Bill, the finger prints had been his girlfriends, they had matched them with finger prints all over the room and she was the only other person who went to that room.

“Now go and I want you to bring the body back to me do you understand”.

“Yes boss”, Johnson said and the two men moved off.

Herbert looked as their car backed out of the warehouse, “This time you are mine bitch”, he said to the empty warehouse.

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