Flying to heaven

A young woman is caught up in a deadly game with a gangster boss,who will win in the battle of wits.


6. Chapter six



The two men waited in the car, a few moments earlier they had a stroke of luck, Dave the man sitting next to Warren had seen the girl, and they had watched her walk up the street and go into the hotel.

“What a piece of luck” Warren said to Dave, Warren was a small man standing only five foot five but he was a wild bull when angry, that’s why people liked to hire him, he got the job done and wasn’t scared to use force if he had to.

He was in his mid thirties and had receding brown eye on his otherwise handsome face, Dave was four inches taller and about the same age, the two had done many jobs together, and Dave was bald and had a slight limp.

Dave looked at the girl disappear into the lobby of the hotel, it reminded him of a girl he once went out with, he couldn’t remember her name but she turned out to be a right bitch,he remembered that night.

He had come home early from the pub and gone into his flat, he was feeling really horny and wanted to surprise his girlfriend but it was him who got the surprise.

He had found she in bed with another man, it was lucky for the man that Dave was not carrying his pistol, he had gone ape shit, he had hit the man again and again, he remembered the blood on the mans face as he hit him.

Then the girl had jumped on his back, the fucking bitch, he had lost his footing and crashed through the glass windows on the balcony, he had fallen over the rail.

Lucky for him it was not that high but he had fallen on his leg and the leg had never healed properly and so that’s how he had a limp.

“Yes a good piece of luck mate what shall we do wait”, Dave replied.

“Yes will we wait till she comes out again and grab her”, it was starting to get dark, Warren hoped that she wasn’t in for the night other wise it was going to be a long night.


“Have you ever seen a ghost”, that’s what the man had said to him as he pointed the gun at his head; Warren had been sent to whack this guy.

“Because when you kill me fucker I’m coming back to haunt you”, Warren smiled as he pulled the trigger,”Fuck you arsehole”.

Warren had in fact seen a ghost once and it had scared the shit out of him, he had been on holiday in Greece and he and his girlfriend at the time went to visit an old church.

The church was not safe inside the guide had told them but they could take pictures outside and the surrounding scenery was awesome.

Well the thing with Warren you tell him not to do some thing and he will do it, he sneaked inside the old church while the others took their pictures.

One of the boards over the broken glass window was loose and it had been easy to get inside, it was dark inside with only tiny rays of light from the boards over the windows.

He had nearly had a heart attack as he saw the old man sitting down by an old used fire in the middle of the room,”Fuck man you scared me”, the old man looked up at him.

He couldn’t see the mans face to good in the dark, so he took out his lighter, the old man said to him, “You fight by the sword you die by the sword”, he pressed the lighter and the room lit up it was empty.

He had almost shit his pants, stuff like this scared the crap out of him, and he hated all this witch craft and ghost shit.


“Hey”, Dave nudged him, his thoughts were lost as he saw the girl come back out of the hotel, and he started the car and moved off the curb.

“Get ready Dave”, he said, Dave nodded his head, he was always ready, and he put his hand on the door handle.

The car passed the walking girl and when she turned into a quiet street they pounced, Dave threw open the door and was out in an instant, he grabbed the girl and dragged her to the boot; Warren was out of the car and had the boot open.

They bundled the girl into the boot and shut it, she started to scream inside the boot, “Scream all you want bitch”, Warren said and got back into the car.


Lucy lay in the boot, she was not surprised she had been kidnapped but she hoped that wanker Frank was watching, that had been the plan, and she knew Herbert would send some goons looking for her.

Hopefully these two would take her back to Herbert and she could end all this, but the plan relied on Frank and she just hoped he was up to the job.

She would take care of him later; she screamed making it sound like she was scared and afraid.


Frank saw Lucy turn into the street then the car following her stopped and she was bundled into the boot, good so far so good, he moved the car off and followed at a good distance.

Where the fuck where these goons taking her, they had hoped it would be to Herbert Shadbolt but Frank some how doubted that, the car was moving off into the countryside, it looked like they were just going to kill her in the woods.


The Frank of a few years back was a heartless bastard that’s the Frank that Maria had met and loved, he was heavily into hitting people at that time, he was always wanted to do hits and he loved his job more than any thing.

 Maria had been good shag and that was it, she relieved him in bed, the pent up tension of his job went away as he came inside her, it was a good release for him but he couldn’t stay with the bitch.

When he had heard that she was pregnant well that was the last straw, he was not the marrying or daddy type, he had moved away.

Now he was more of a mellow man, he still loved to kill but the jobs were less now and he had more time on his hands, he still stayed away from women but he some times used prostitutes.

He sighed as he saw the car pull onto a small dirt track, he waited for a little while and turned onto the track, after a few minutes he saw the parked car, and he stopped the car a way off and got out.


Warren opened the boot of the car and pulled the girl out, she was taller than him and she glared at him in anger, “What are you going to do to me”.

“Let’s fuck her up the arse”, the other man laughed.

Warren smiled Dave was always a kidder, He pushed the girl onto the dirt ground, she went sprawling.

“Fuck you”, she said rubbing her arm, she sat in the dirt and looked at the two men, she could see no sign of Herbert.

“Where the fuck have you taken me”, she looked around at the trees and the countryside, a field lay to one side of her and to the other some woods.

“Shut the fuck up you little slag”, the small man said to her with a sneer on his face, the other man took out his gun and pointed it at her head.

“Hang on mate”, the small one said, he also had a gun in his hand, and he bent down, “Any last requests”.

“Yes arseholes don’t shot me”, she said with a laugh, the two men laughed as well, the small one said, “That’s funny”.

Lucy saw Frank by the woods he was hiding behind a tree now, she smiled at the goons, and “I’m going to kill you two ugly fuckers”.

The taller man laughed out loud, “And how are you going to do that bitch”.

“I’m going to get some one to shot you in the head”.


Warren had a habit of asking the people who he was going to kill if they had any last requests, he had been doing it for years, and the girl had made him laugh with her reply.

Now the bitch was telling Dave she was going to kill them, “Shut the fuck up will you”, he put his hand up as if to slap her and she went back in a defensive stance.

“Lets get this done”, Warren held out his gun and pointed it at Lucy’s head, the gun shot came from the woods and it missed, Warren could feel the wind of the bullet fly past his head.

The girl was on her feet as the two stunned men looked around, she kicked the small one between the legs as hard as she could, he went down holding his balls and crying out in pain.

He dropped his gun and Lucy picked it up, the next shot hit the other man in the chest, he was still stunned and didn’t know what was going on, he went down, Frank ran out of the woods.

He stopped and looked down at the taller man, he was still alive, and Frank aimed and shot him in the head.

The other man was on his knees holding his crotch, Frank walked over, Lucy was standing close by holding his weapon, “Okay fucker time to die”, Frank pulled the trigger and the man fell to the ground with a gapping hole in his temple.



Lucy had heard her dad on the phone, he was speaking to the hit man, the one who she knew, the wanker who had left Maria broke and with a baby.

She lifted the other house phone and listened to their conversation, “Frank I need you to look after me for a while I got some heat on my back”.

“No problem Brian I will keep an eye on you from tonight”

“Good man come and wait by the house, you see any thing or any one come to the house you follow”

“Yes Brian no problem you know you are in safe hands”.

That was a bit of a relief at least her dad had some one watching him, she knew that bastard Herbert would be after her soon.


Frank walked over and bent down by the dead man, it was a good clean shot, He looked round at Lucy and smiled, she shot him in the arm, and the gun went flying from his hand and landed in the dirt well away from him.

He held his arm and his face screwed up in agony, “What the fuck did you do that for”.

She walked over and pointed the gun at his head, “For my friend Maria and for my dad your bastard”.

“What do you mean”, he was eyeing the gun in the dirt could he make a leap for it.

“I mean my dad had some unsavoury people after him and he hired you to look after him, where were you when Herbert sent his men”.

She shot him in the left leg, he cried out in pain and rolled on the ground, “Please stop shooting me for fuck sake”.

She walked over to the other gun and picked it up; he was in too much pain to care about the gun now.

“You fucker you could have saved my dad and mum”.

“I was busy with another client I didn’t know he was in that much danger”.

“So when were you going to turn up I hired you for fuck sake after my dad”.

“Okay I was told not to help your dad”.


“The men who were after him, they were construction bosses they weren’t going to kill him just scare him a little”.

“You wanker”, she walked up to him and looked down at him in the dirt; “You had a hand in my parents death”.

He shook his head, “No please I didn’t know about Herbert Shadbolt”.

“You fucker”, she aimed and shot Frank in the head, he died with a look of shock horror on his once handsome face.

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