Flying to heaven

A young woman is caught up in a deadly game with a gangster boss,who will win in the battle of wits.


7. Chapter seven



The next morning she got up nice and early, she called room service and had bacon and eggs with toast and coffee, she ate this and kept looking at the mobile phone on the side.

It was one of the thugs mobile’s and it had Herbert’s number in it, well it must be his it just said boss, she was going to ring the fucker and meet with him, it was time to kill him.

She got up and showered then dressed, she picked up the phone and pushed the number, after a few seconds it was picked up she looked at the wall clock eight fifteen in the morning, he was up early.

The other end remained silent, so she spoke first, “Herbert it’s me Lucy Cooper”.

She heard a sigh on the other end of the line and then, “What about my guys”.

“Sorry Herbert but they are no more I made sure of that”.

“You’re a hard little bitch I will give you that but your time had come”.

“Well I was thinking about that Herbert”

“To you I am Mr Shadbolt bitch”.he hissed down the phone.

“I was thinking Herbert that you killed my parents maybe we could work something out”.

It was silent for a Minute, “Okay little girlie I have an old warehouse”.

She interrupted him, “The old packing warehouse”

“That’s the one meet me there in two hours and we will see what we can do”.

“I didn’t kill Greg Herbert he done it himself I just picked up the syringe”.

“Meet me in two hours”, then he disconnected.


Herbert gripped the mobile phone in his hand tightly, that fucking bitch was going to pay for this, four of his men dead, and he knew deep down that she had not killed his son but that didn’t matter any more.

He would call his three stooges Terry, Peter and Mack and tell them to hide outside the warehouse and then come in guns blazing and kill the fucking little bitch.

He looked down at the mobile once more and punched the number, this time there would be no mistakes.


Lucy turned up early thankfully Herbert had not had the same idea; she knew he would bring men with him and he would make them wait outside till he gave the signal.

There were only three doors, a large set at the front which were open and a smaller one at the back and side of the building, it was a huge space with loads of crates stacked up around the sides, steps lead up to a balcony that went round the whole of the building, there was an office and toilets up there.

On the way to the warehouse she had purchased some string and some little bells, she now tied these to both the back door and the side door, right at the bottom so who ever walked through would set off the bells, it would give her a chance.

She pulled a crate over and sat down and waited, she didn’t have to wait long, a brand new mini parked outside and out got Herbert; he saw her and walked into the warehouse.

She stood up as he reached her, “Well we meet at last”, he said to her.

“We have met before at Greg’s a while ago”.

He held up his hand, “It was a figure of speech”.

He went on, “I know we have met before you fucking bitch, I thought you were a whore then and I think the same now”.

“Well don’t give yourself a heart attack old man”, she saw he was going red in the face.

He wanted to punch the bitch now but he held back, his men would do their job this time.


Terry looked across at Mack and then over to Peter, they were hiding in the long grass all of them on their knees, he looked at his watch, “Okay another five minutes and we storm the place, Mack you take the back door, Peter you the side one”.

Okay Ter”, Mack said looking at the warehouse.

“What do you think they are talking about”, Peter said.

“Well it aint the last fucking latest movie release is it you dick”, Terry hissed at him.

Peter shrugged, Mack smiled, and “I’m going to enjoy killing this bitch”.

“Not if I get her first wank brain”, Terry smiled at him.

“Why don’t we have a wager fifty quid each to pay the man who kills her”, Peter proclaimed.

“Why not I will have some of that”, Mack said.

“Count me in”, terry said and they all shock hands on it.

“Its got to be the kill not injured that doesn’t count okay”, Peter said looking serious.

“Okay mate”, Mack replied.

Terry looked at his watch “Okay fuckers lets go kill a bitch”.

The three men crept along the grass until they came out and then ran to the ware house each man going a different way in.


The two stood there in a moment of silence, then Lucy took out her gun and pointed it at Herbert’s head, he smiled and took out his own hand gun, he did the same.

“Why don’t we both pull the trigger at the same time and see who lives”, Herbert said with a sneer on his old face.

“Sounds good to me old man”, she hissed at him, she hated his fucker so bad.

The side bell went off first; she then heard the back door bell going and some one swearing they had tripped over the string, she smiled at Herbert, “Brought your little boys to help tut tut old man”.

“Well I don’t want to get blood on my own hands you understand”, he put his gun down and smiled at her, “So kill me then a defenceless old man”.

Lucy ran over to the crates, the side door was the nearest, “I will come back for you old man”, she shouted at him.

As she ducked behind a pile of crates she saw a third goon come in the front doors, he was a tall fucker,she crept round the crates, she could hear some one talking to himself, “That fucking cunt”,he said.

She waited she could hear him coming round the side of the crate, as he passed her she aimed and shot him in the side of the head, a hole appeared in his temple and then a spray of blood and brains came out the other side.

He hit the ground dead, “What the fuck was that”, she heard a man cry from the back of the building, then a voice from the front,”Peter mate are you alright”.

“Just get the fucking bitch you clowns”, Herbert shouted out at them.

She was already moving to the back of the warehouse, she saw the big man and he didn’t look to smart, he was sitting on a crate rubbing his knee; he must have fallen on it when he tripped, what a big bit of luck for her.

As she got closer she put her hand on one of the crates that was on top of another, she was real close to him now, the crate fell off and smashed to the floor, the big man looked at her and fired his gun, she ducked down and the shots went over her head.

She looked round the side of the crate and shot the man in the arm, he dropped his gun and cried out, now she could hear running feet from the front of the warehouse, “Get her Mack”, a man shouted out.

“I will do a better job than you two fucking idiots”, Herbert said running to the back of the warehouse.

The big man held his arm and pleaded with her, “Please Miss don’t shot me”.

She shot him in the chest three times, he fell backwards over the crate and onto the floor, she moved farther towards the back of the warehouse.


Herbert stopped and looked down at the dead body of Mack, Terry saw his buddy, “shit man I’m going to kill that cunt”, he sobbed.

There was a movement from the back of the warehouse, Herbert started to fire his gun and Terry followed suit, the two men emptied there guns into the back of the warehouse.

Lucy was behind a pile of crates when the two men opened up, she had thrown a large rock that had been on the ground and the two men had fallen for it.

She stepped out and reloaded her gun, she pointed it at the two men, and “Well fuckers looks like you are out of ammo”.

“Shit man”, Terry said reaching for his pocket, “Not so fast big man”, she said and he stopped.

“Looks like you have us at a disadvantage bitch”, Herbert said he was smiling at her.

Lucy looked from him to the big man at his side, she shot the big man in the chest, he fell to his knees holding his chest, and blood ran through his fingers, “You bitch”, he managed to spit out then fell face forward into the dirty floor.

Herbert looked at his dead man on the floor, “Well this is becoming a habit you killing my men”.

“Look’s like it’s just you and me now old man”.

He took off his thick glasses and rubbed them with his sleeve then put them back on, he dropped the gun onto the floor, “I have no gun bitch”.

“So I’m still going to kill you”.

He shrugged at her, “So kill me some one else will just take my place and they will carry on looking for you”.

“Is that so”?

“Yes you fucking whore I have a contract out on your head, it doesn’t matter if you kill me some one else will pick it up and come after you”.

She had enough money to fly out of the country and lay low for a few years that was her plan, even if some one came looking for her they would not find her, she was going to kill this old bastard.

She walked closer to him, she wanted to see his face when she shot him, “I hate you so much Herbert and this is going to give me so much pleasure”.

For an old man he was quick, he withdrew the knife from his pocket and as she got nearer he lunged at her, the knife went into her stomach, she pulled the trigger and the gun went off as the two people met.

Herbert staged back, she had shot him in the stomach but he felt okay, he looked down at his bloody hand, he was going to be alright,it hurt like a bastard but he would go to a doctor he knew right away.

First he had to see that the girl was dead, she had fallen on her back to the ground, blood pooled around her stomach, a lot of blood he had stabbed her well.

The girl was not moving at all, he smiled as he went closer and looked down at her, her eyes opened and looked straight at him, she raised her hand with the gun.

He looked from her face to the gun and back again, she pulled the trigger, his head went back and the top blow off in a shower of blood brains and gore, the bloody mess spattered on the ground behind him as he fell back wards.


Lucy Copper was dying and she knew it, she had lost too much blood and the stab wound was too deep, the pain was now slowly ebbing away.

She lay there and thought of her childhood catch phase, flying to heaven, she smiled that’s what she was going to do now.

She looked up at the top of the warehouse, she could feel her body start to float upwards, it felt so good and the pain had gone away completely now, she felt nothing just a whisper in the wind.

She would open up her wings and she would fly up to heaven just as she had always said she would.





C Robert Paul Bennett 2012







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