Flying to heaven

A young woman is caught up in a deadly game with a gangster boss,who will win in the battle of wits.


4. Chapter four



She lay back on the hard bed and looked round the hotel room; it was okay, a bedside table, table and chairs in one corner, a bathroom with shower only. The television was attached to the wall and the ceiling had a fan but to bad she thought.

Lucy hoped her parents were okay, surely that bastard Herbert wouldn’t have them killed it was her he wanted, she knew how they worked they would tie up the hostages and tape their mouths she hoped they had done this before any one could speak, it was a risk.

She wished she could have seen the old bastards face when he saw it wasn’t her, she had to kill him now and she had a few ideas how.

But first things first she had to shower and then hire a car from reception and go see her parents.


She parked the car in the drive the front door of the house was open; they had gone in a hurry that was obvious.

She walked up to the front door and listened, there was no noise at all everything was a quiet as the grave.

She stepped in and walked into the living room and stopped dead, she mouth hung open, the first body she saw was her mothers, she had a gunshot wound to the head and she was slumped in the arm chair her mouth taped and hands tied.

She scanned the room and saw her father on the floor his handsome face was bruised and a single small hole in his forehead tickled blood, Lucy fell to her knee’s and began to cry.


She got to her feet and wiped at her face, she would have to morn them both later, that bastard had them killed, they had taken Tina and she was properly dead by now too.

What would I do if I saw they had brought back the wrong woman, I would send out some more men to the house and wait for me to turn up she thought.

She quickly ran up the stairs to her parent’s room, passing the huge framed picture of Jesus preaching to his followers, she had always loved that picture and when she had been a young girl she could have sworn she heard Jesus’s words some times as she came up the stairs.

She passed the spare room on her left and turned right into her parent’s room, she looked at the double bed covered with a red duvet, never would her parents sleep in this bed again, and she felt sad and lonely.

She shook her head and went over to the wardrobe and opened it, she dragged the leather ottoman over and stood on it to reach the top compartment and she reached in and after a few seconds with drew a box.

She stepped off the ottoman, she used to think that her dad kept bodies in the ottoman it was that big, she put the box on the bed and opened it; inside she found the hand gun and the box of bullets.

Her father ran his own construction business and he knew a lot of people, it had been easy for him to get a gun, he told them all about it and said it was to protect them if ever the need arose.


Errol held the phone in his hand, “Okay boss we are here parked in the street”.

“Get the fuck in the house you dozy wanker”.

“There is no sign of any one boss”.

“Get inside the fucking house and wait there”.

Errol closed the phone and looked at Johnson in the driving seat, “Okay mate lets go wait inside the house”.

Johnson nodded his head, “Let’s move I’m getting bored”.

The two large men walked up the gravel drive of the house, the front door was open, they paused and listened, no sounds, they entered the house.


Lucy looked down from her bedroom window, she looked up at the clouds in the sky, and they were so beautiful just swimming across the sky in different shades and patterns.

Heaven is just past those clouds she thought, she heard the sound of foot steps on the drive way and looked down, she saw the two black men walking up to the front door, she had left it open on purpose.

They looked as big as houses these two fuckers, she turned the hand gun over in her hand, the safety was off and it was ready, revenge would really be sweet.


Johnson moved inside first, the two men stood for a moment looking left and right and then at the large stair case in front of them.

“Let’s look up stairs first”, Errol said taking his hand gun out, Johnson saw the gun and immediately took his out, “Okay mate”, he answered.

The two men slowly walked up the stairs, Errol paused and looked at the picture of Jesus, “That is so nice”.

Johnson tutted,”Well fucking steal it then”, he wanted to get this over with and go down the local boozer and get pissed,he was getting pissed off with working with Errol the guy never did any thing, just stayed in fucking doors, Johnson thought.

Errol checked the first room, nothing, Johnson checked the main bed room, looking at the red duvet, these people had a bit of money, he thought, he moved over to the wardrobe and slowly opened it.

Lucy held her breath as the wardrobe door opened, she was hiding in the tight space above where she had taken out the box earlier, the large man paused and her heart skipped a beat but then he closed the door and moved off, she sighed in relief.

The two men slowly walked down the stairs, they got to the bottom and went into the living room, and they saw the two dead bodies that would be the parents just as the boss had said.

The killings were clean Johnson would give them that, head shots nice and simple and deadly just as he would have done it but the fools had brought back the wrong girl, now it was their job to eliminate her for good.

Johnson sat down on the sofa just across from the dead body of the woman, Errol moved off towards the door way leading into the kitchen, “Want a cuppa mate while we wait”.

“Why not”, Johnson said and settled back on the sofa and waited.

Lucy climbed down from the space above the wardrobe, she was a slight and petite woman so she didn’t make any sound, she moved about like a cat.

She stood by the bedroom door she could hear one of them making tea in the kitchen, she could hear the sound of the kettle and the man was humming to himself.

As she laid her head on the wall by the door she thought back to the time she had almost got married, never again would she ever put herself through that again.

Things had been going so well with Eric, he big bellied guy but he made her laugh, this was before she had met Greg, yes Eric was larger than life with his roaring laughter and happy out going personality.

But those last two months he had become a little withdrawn, she thought at first it was because of the up and coming marriage but oh no she had found out why soon enough.

She had been working as a dentist receptionist at the time and one day she had come home early, she had found the fucker in bed with her best friend, he had been taking her from behind when she had opened the bedroom door with his back to the door.

There was a stick by the wooden draws, they kept in case of a break in, she had picked up the stick and walked silently over to his humping back and shoved the end of the stick up his arse, he had screamed like a little girl and turned round to see her standing there with a huge smile on her face.

She had told him to fuck off and walked out of the flat, she had come back a few days later to get her stuff; of course he had tired to win her back saying it had been a mistake but she didn’t listen and walked out of his life forever.

Then she had met Greg at a party, when she thought of it she was crap at choosing men, the one before had been a two timing cheat and then the next a junkie.

She wanted the men to be apart when she killed them, the kettle was still boiling and the man was still humming, she would go in the other way to the kitchen; it had two entrances, one from the living room and the other by the side of the stair case.

She moved out of the bedroom and silently moved down the stair case, reaching the bottom she turned left and walked towards the kitchen door, the door was wide open and she moved closer, now she could see the mans back to her.


Errol hummed to himself as the kettle boiled, he put the tea bags into the cups and put two sugars in for Johnson, he himself didn’t take sugar in tea but funny enough he took it in coffee.

He would go home and just relax tonight, no going to the gym, he had his own weights in doors and tonight he would order a Chinese take away and watch a film on television, there was a good one on tonight called zombie infestation, he loved horror films.

He was humming U2s pride in the name of love, his favourite track and band, in honour of the great Martin Luther King he thought.

Errol would not get a Chinese and he wouldn’t watch the horror film, poor Errol would never do any thing again, he didn’t even hear the shot, the bullet passed through his skull and into his brain he died instantly.

The large man fell face first onto the work surface knocking the cups of tea over, one rolled off the side and smashed onto the floor spilling sugar every where.

The gun was loud and she knew the other man would come running she quickly left the kitchen and moved round to the living room.

Just as she thought the second man had run into the kitchen through the living room entrance, as quick as she could she hid herself behind the sofa and waited for him to come back, the sofa was against the wall and she had a side view of the kitchen door.


Johnson ran into the kitchen the gun shot had scared the shit out of him, he had jumped like a scared cat on the sofa, his heart was racing in his chest as he saw his dead friend now on the floor.

He had slid of the work surface and fallen on his back, there was a hole in his face where the bullet had exited, blood and brains splattered the wall above the work surface.

“Fuck me”, he said out loud then wished he hadn’t, the killer was still here, where the hell was he and who the hell was he, thought Johnson.

He gripped his gun and moved out of the kitchen and into the hall by the stair case, if I was the gun man I would have run into the back garden he thought but then the gun man wanted them both dead and if that was the case he or she would still be here some where.

Johnson was scared and he would have admitted it to, he didn’t like this one bit and he done some thing out of his character, he moved towards the front door, he was going to make a run for it.

“Fuck this shit”, he said out loud, “I’m going”, he said it in the hope that the killer would let him go, after all he hadn’t killed the two people inside the house.


Lucy heard the man say he was going, she couldn’t believe what a coward he was for such a big man, she quickly moved out from behind the sofa and moved to the living room door, she looked through the gap in the door and could see him.

He was looking this way and that, he looked scared, she looked at the sofa she could easily make it again without him seeing, she got ready and as he got to the front door she shouted ,”Hey faggot in here”.


Johnson reached the front door, yes sir he could do with a pint of beer now and that’s just where he was headed, he heard the killer shout out from the living room calling him a faggot, and he looked round and aimed his gun.

He started to fire into the room as he walked, “Call me a faggot you cunt”, it had been a woman’s voice and now he felt brave.

He would kill the silly bitch for sure, he moved into the living room and his gun clicked on empty, the woman stood up from behind the sofa and aimed the gun at him.

“Please miss I didn’t kill them”, he looked at the dead bodies, “I was just sent here to wait for you”.

“Yes and kill me you big shit”, she replied aiming the gun at his head.

He was stuck there was no where to run or hide, “Please just let me go and I will say nothing, I will go away and not come back”.

She smiled as if, “Who sent you Herbert Shadbolt”.

He nodded, “Yes miss”.

There was no way this fucker was walking out alive, he might not have killed her parents but he would have killed her without even thinking about it.

“Okay fuck brain take a walk”.

The man smiled and turned round he slowly began to walk out of the room, the gun shot followed him.

Johnson hit the floor face first, the two bullets lodged in his back, he was dead before he hit the floor, Lucy moved round and made sure he was dead, she fired a bullet into his head.

She moved out of the house taking a bag of her clothes and some money from the safe, she would stay at the hotel tonight and tomorrow she would meet up with a man she knew well from her dad, he was a man who could sort problems out.

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