Flying to heaven

A young woman is caught up in a deadly game with a gangster boss,who will win in the battle of wits.


5. Chapter five



Lucy paced up and down in her hotel room, where was that fucker she had called him over an hour ago and he still wasn’t here.

She thought back to the time just after school, her and her best friend Maria were going to the cinema, both of them had not found jobs yet and it was Lucy’s dad’s treat for them, as he had handed over the money he smiled at the two girls and said, “Go enjoy yourself girls”.

The film had been great a new horror about vampires, night of the vampires I think it was called, and good film lots of blood and gore.

After they had decided to have a quick drink in the local pub and that’s where they had met trouble in the form of a dark brooding man, he looked like he was Spanish or Italian; he had olive looking skin, dark hair and smouldering good looks.

He came over to them and asked if he could buy them both a drink, they had said yes and he ended up talking with them all night but it was Maria he was interested in, well she was blonde with blue eyes and large breasts.

They ended up going out and made a nice couple but Frank that was his name kept disappearing for long spells at a time, it worried Maria, then she fell pregnant with his baby and that was the last they saw of him until a few years later when Lucy had seen him talking with dad.

There was a knock on the door Lucy walked over and opened the door, Frank stood before her smiling, he still had dark hair but the good looks were disappearing fast, he had wrinkles and now a scar down his left cheek.

“It’s been a while”, he said and walked into the room.

“Yes do you still keep in contact with Maria”, she knew he didn’t but just wanted to make he feel like shit.

“No I don’t”

“Why did you leave her with a baby Frank”?

He quickly changed the subject, “So how did you find me”

“My dad I once saw you with him and later dad said if I ever needed a man to do a hit you were the man, dad had a lot of enemies”.

Frank rubbed his chin, “I see so your dad was who”.

She felt like kicking this clown in the nuts but held back, she wanted to get this bastard for what he had done to Maria but that was all in good time.

“My dad was Brian Cooper and I am Lucy in case you have forgotten”.

He rubbed his chin again, he was glad she had mentioned her name because yes he had forgotten, “Okay Brian yes a good man I done a couple of jobs for him”.

“Yes I got your number out of his diary”.

“Okay Lucy so what can I do for you”.

“Okay I want you to kill some one and look after me”.

“Who do you want killed “he looked at her seriously now.

“Herbert Shadbolt”.

He whistled out loud, “That is a hard one”.

“In the mean time just keep an eye on me the bastard is after me and he killed my parents”.

“Okay Lucy I will do it Brian was a good man”.

“Now please sit do you want a drink”, she walked over to the side where there was a bottle of dark rum, she picked it up and showed him with a smile.

“Of course a drink would be fine”, he smiled back at her.

Smile all you like you fucking creep, I am so going to get you back she thought as she smiled at him.


The car stopped in front of the house, it was almost getting dark and the house had seen a very busy day.

The old man got put of the back of the car followed by Mack, the huge man towered over the old man, and Herbert waited for Terry and Peter to get out of the car.

“Okay show me” said the old man fixing his thick glasses, he sighed and walked towards the house.

First Terry lead the way, he went into the living room and stopped, a big black man lay dead on the floor,”Shit boss we didn’t do that”.

Herbert looked at the back of the dead man, he knew who it was alright,”Fuck it”, he shouted out into the house, “I sent these two to wait here”.

Mack who had walked into the kitchen called out, “We got another one in here”.

Herbert looked at the dead body of Errol,”Fuck that cunting bitch”, he wanted her so bad now.

“Shit man four dead bodies what the fucks are we going to do now”, Peter said looking around the living room.

Herbert pointed a finger at him, “What you are going to do is this fuck face”, the old man paused and went on, “I want all three of you to get the bodies in the car and bury them in the woods”.

Terry rubbed his bald head,”Shit boss that will take us all night”.

“I don’t give a fuck if it takes you all bloody year just go and do it”, Herbert was starting to lose his temper big time.

He walked into the kitchen trying to calm himself down, not good for your heart his doctor had told him a few months ago, control your temper he had added, how the hell could he control his temper when he had useless fucking monkeys working for him.

“Get rid of this one first”, he said to Mack, “I want to make a cup of tea”, and Mack and Peter came into the kitchen and picked up the body.

“You can leave the blood on the wall I will just have to put up with that”, he said looking at the gore on the wall.

He turned to Terry, “Now I want you back here once you are done okay”, he said as he put the kettle on.

“Okay boss no problem” he said as he put the dead woman’s body over his shoulder and began to walk out of the living room.

Herbert said under his breath,”Fucking monkeys I got fucking monkeys working for me”.

He pulled out his cell phone and quickly dialled a number, “Warren is that you boy”, he said into the phone, “Right I want you to get a couple of men and look for Lucy Cooper”.

He listened to the phone, “Hang on”, he had seen a picture of Lucy with her parents in the living room, he took a picture of it close up with his mobile, he pressed a few buttons and talked once more, “Yes that’s her pictures not brilliant but you can see her yes”.

He listen some more, “Okay warren if you see her I want her dead understand and bring the body back to me”, he pressed the cut off button and put a tea bag into a cup.

He walked back into the living room just as Mack and Peter came back for more bodies, “You fucking arse holes”, Herbert almost shouted at them, they both looked at him with worried expressions on their faces.

The old man pointed to the picture of Lucy with her parents, “Why the fuck didn’t you wankers see that”.

The two looked dumbly at the framed picture on the side board, Mack shrugged, “What about it boss”.

“You fucking idiots if you had taken notice of that you would have seen you had the wrong girl”, now Herbert’s face was turning a shade of red.

“I should kill you fucking morons now”, he pulled out his hand gun, his heart was beating like a mad man, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, and he put the gun away.

“Just clean up the bodies and get back here as quick as possible”, he walked back into the kitchen.

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