Flying to heaven

A young woman is caught up in a deadly game with a gangster boss,who will win in the battle of wits.


1. Chapter one

Flying to heaven





The large house stood back from the rest of the street, there was a short road and then the gates of the house, why it stood back from the rest of the street was a mystery, maybe for privacy.

The gates were open and then there was a gravel drive way which lead up to the front of the house, the house had a large stair case as you entered the door and up stairs it had four bedrooms with on suite bathrooms. Down stairs there were the living room, the large kitchen, the study and the dinning room.

At first Tina Stapleton thought she was lost, the house number seemed to be missing from the street numbers, then she saw the road leading past the rest of the houses on the street, she made her way down and saw the gates.

Tina was thirty five and had long dark hair, she was pretty but wore far too much make up on her face, and she had the day off work from her job at the bank, which in truth bored the knickers off her.

She passed through the gates which stood open and walked down the gravel drive way to the front of the house, from the outside it looked like one of those country houses with all the ivy growing up the sides and front.

She paused at the front door and ran a hand through her long hair; she composed herself and then rang the door bell and waited.

The door was opened by a man with grey hair but he had a nice looking face and he smiled at her, “HI you must be Tina do come in please”.

He stood to one side and Tina entered the house, the huge stair case loamed in front of her, the front door closed.

“Please follow me we have given the staff a day off today, Lucy said you would be here about this time”.

“Thank you I take it your Lucy’s dad”.

He turned and held out his hand, “Brian Cooper”, he pointed to his wife who got up from the chair in the living room, “And this is my wife Hazel”.

The woman looked older than her husband, she had dyed blonde hair and it was tied back from her face, she wore no make up and had wrinkles all over it seemed.

But she seemed pleasant and gave Tina a board smile, “Come in dear and sit down”, she patted a chair close to her own.

“Lucy should be here soon, so dear tell me about yourself”, Hazel smiled as Tina sat down.

“Well I work in a bank in the city; I have worked there for five years”.

“How do you know Lucy love”, Brian put in looking at her with his soft green eyes, she quiet fancied him she thought to herself.

“Oh we went to school together; we had such a great time in school”.

“Good was that the senior school I take it”, Brain said getting up, “And would you like a cup of tea Tina”.

“Yes please Brian”, she smiled up at him.

“I can’t remember you from school dear”, His wife asked her.

“No we didn’t really hang out much, just knew each other in class”.



Terry packed up the car in the short road which lead to the house, “This must be it”, he said to the other two, Terry was forty five and he looked the part of a thug, he had a deep scar down one side of his ugly face, his nose was pushed in and he had beady little brown eyes.

Mack on the other hand who sat in the passenger side was a good looking man, he was well over six foot five the same height as Terry, and also unlike Terry who was bald he had rich brown long hair tied back in a pony tail and his eyes were a dark shade of blue.

To complete the threesome Peter sat in the back he was the shortest at five foot ten, he had a face like a ferret and was always moving about as if he couldn’t keep still.

“Come on lets do it”, said Peter in the back moving around.

Terry opened his door, “Yes come on your fuck brains”.

The three men got out of the car and began to put masks on their faces, they were like the ones used in the original Halloween films, the three moved off towards the gates.



Brian set the tray down on the coffee table and handed out the cups of tea, the front door bell went, “Who could that be”, he said, Lucy was up stairs getting ready.

Brian went to the front door and stood before it, he had a funny feeling about this, it just came to him suddenly, he shouldn’t open the door and he should go back inside and call the police.

He opened the door and one moment he was looking at an ugly tall man the next he was on his arse on the carpet with blood running out of his nose.

Terry starred down at the man on the floor,”Wanker”; he said as the three men moved inside and closed the front door.

Terry aimed a kick at the man’s head and he connected with a hay maker, the man went down on his back hitting his head on the floor, he was out cold.

Mack picked up the man’s legs and dragged him along following the other two; they went into the living room and saw the two women.

“That one”, Terry pointed at the younger woman, Mack and Peter moved over to the women, “Get the hell out of my house you brutes”, Hazel screamed as Mack put a hand over her mouth.

Tina just starred dumbly as Peter put tape over her mouth, he passed the tape to Mack and he done the same, “Right bitches we are going to have some fun before we bring your daughter to the boss”.

The woman started to shake their heads, Mack tied Hazel’s hands behind her back and Peter followed suit with Tina, the two women sat on their chairs bound.

Brian started moaning from the floor; Hazel looked on in horror as the large man went over with a gun in his hand.

Terry moved over to the man on the floor, he kneeled down and slapped the man on the face, “Wake up fucker”.

Brian opened his eyes and saw the gun pointed at his head, “What do you want”.

Terry got the tape off Mack and tapped the man’s mouth, “I don’t want to hear any of your shit”, he hissed at the man.

“Mack,Peter lets get this over with”, the two men nodded,Peter grabbed Tina and pushed her to the floor, Mack reached down and lifted Tina’s skirt, he took hold of her small panties and ripped them off, she tired to scream out as Peter knelt down behind her and undid his trousers.

Peter finished with a groan and Mack took over and entered her, she screamed through the tape as he pumped into her body, it was over quickly and he let out a sigh as he stood to his feet.

“There old man now you know what its like to see your daughter shagged”, he laughed in the man’s face.

“Put her in the boot of the car Mack”, Mack hauled the woman up onto her feet ,tears ran down her cheeks and she was sobbing, Mack hit her across the face and she passed out, he put her over his shoulder and walked out of the room.

Peter took out a knife from his pocket and held it in front of the older woman’s face, “I’m going to cut you bitch and I’m going to make it slow”.

Brian whose hands were still free put all his strength into a punch and hit the man with the gun on the side of the head.

Terry felt the punch and cried out, he looked at the man now getting onto his knees, he pointed the gun and without thinking pulled the trigger, a hole appeared in the mans forehead and he looked at Terry with a shocked look on his face then fell backwards dead onto the floor.

Peter looked round and laughed, “Good shooting buddy but I thought we were going to have some fun and kill them slow”.

“Fuck that arse hole I’m out of here”, Terry looked at the old woman, who was crying and moaning and looking down at her dead husband, he aimed the gun and fired.

“Fuck man why did you do that I wanted some fun”, Peter said putting the knife away.

“Just get the fuck out okay”, Terry walked out of the living room and Peter followed.

They closed the front door and walked to the car, Mack was sitting in the passenger side, the two men climbed in.

“The girl in the boot”.

“Yes mate she is still out of it”.

“Good then lets go show the boss”.

The car pulled away from the curb and done a three point turn in the road and headed away from the house.

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