Kristen's Diary

Kristen is an old concurent on the x factor. When she began to become famous, A lot of boys began to fall in love with her. She dated a lot of them in primary. But the only loved her for her popularity.She just decided to write this diary.


2. Whats Happening??!

Dear Diary
Already two Terrible weeks have passed. And now everything is somehow changing. Just watched the Allan show and figured out that My celebrity Crush has a celebrity crush on me *.*<3
And he even say “If We knew each other more, I'll probally Date her!I think she's a verry beautiful girl,she have an amazing voice,Shes verry talented and She's a fan of us!”You dont know diary but i'm just diying brb:O
As Well as @HarryStyles is following me on twitter, I decided to talk to him about this... He immediatly replied back! We spent our Week Talking,We decided to exchange our cell numbers and imessages (=.He even tweet on my new picture on twitter:
@KristenParker You look Georgous Even without makeup You verry beautiful <3!
And then fans said :
«Awwh pleasse youu too should Date your so cute together and we'll be happy to have “Styler”.»
Styler is composed by parker,my last name and Styles,Harry's last name.

Harry's p.o.v
Woow cant believe the amazing and beautiful Kristen parler have a crush on me woow. I just dont cant stay without talking to her anymore. She's so beautiful with her Red Hair,even better than ariana's and her big blue Sparkly eyes. And that Lips Whooah o.o I just want bad to kiss them.She already went sleep,Hour in
U.S.A and England arent the same! It sucks D=
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