Kristen's Diary

Kristen is an old concurent on the x factor. When she began to become famous, A lot of boys began to fall in love with her. She dated a lot of them in primary. But the only loved her for her popularity.She just decided to write this diary.


1. Stupid Interview!

Kristen's p.o.v
Dear Diary
Today i went to an interview on the Ryan Show and he asked me about my celebrity crush.Me as a winner on the x Factor 2010 I'm now the famous Kristen Parker. Without figuring out that i'm Like Kind of dating my bestfriend Michael Answered “Harry Styles From One Direction” Something went wrong and got in a big fight with michael. I was trying my best to not cry.The most Awkward thing,he,Leah,leo and ther older sister Catherine and my bestfriend Kimberly were with me on the limo:$ The were all mad and didnt want to talk to e because i was a jerk :'(...Thats not my fault if harry just stole my heart! I swear its not my fault!
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