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November 6 2012:

It has been a weird day walking down to go to school.


6. November 8, 2012

Through all of my classes I kept thinking about that man. I have so many questions I need to have answered. So many, that its killing me inside. Never in all my life have I ever been scared. The only thing, or person, that makes me feel safe is Mike.

When the bell rang, I quickly ran out to my locker and grabbed my coat and bag. I tried to get the courage to ask Mike if he would walk me home. But I couldn't fined him anywhere. Before I went out side, I put all of my winter stuff on. I took a deep breath and walked out. It wasn't snow that bad I thought at first. But once I got to the corner, the wind picked up and it got colder. I couldn't see anything more than ten or twelve feet away. I started to run, not knowing where I was going. I started to run faster, then I stopped trying to catch my breath.

Then in the distance, I heard a car squirming. I saw headlights come into to few. I didn't know what was happening at first. The next thing I knew, I was on the ground with Mike on top of me. I hit my head on the ground, and it was throbbing with pain. I looked up and was face to face with Mike. We stared into each others eyes for a little. But then we heard some voices and footsteps coming closer. He quickly then got up and helped me back up too. 

"Hey! Are you to okay?!" This man yelled over the wind.

"Yeah!" Mike and I both yelled back."I am so sorry for running into the road! I didn't know it was the road until after I saw the headlights! I am so sorry!" I yelled.

"Its okay! The wind and snow is so bad, you cant see a thing from here to the road! Just make sure next you have someone else walk with you okay?!" He yelled back.

"Yes! Thank you!" I said.

"Your welcome!" He then disappeared into the snow. I looked back to see that Mike was staring at me. We stared at each other for a minute or two.

"Um...Thank you for saving me! Thank god you were there!" I said.

"Your welcome! Just don't walk in front of a car again! I might not be there to save you next time!" He said with a smile. I smiled back, and looked down at the ground."Hey, it okay if I walk you home? Just in case nothing else happens that could get you killed?" He asked.

"Sure! I would love that." I said. We walked to my house talking about school and other stuff. He likes the same books and movies as me! Yes! Once we reached me house, we just stood there for a little." Thank you again for saving me and walking me home." I said."Would you mind walking me to school tomorrow?" I asked.

"Yeah! I would love to." He said.

"Okay, I will see you tomorrow.Bye." I said. He quickly said bye to me and I watched him run until he was out of sight. I walked inside and went to my room. Once I took one step in my room, it hit me. That feeling doesn't happen when I am with Mike! Okay then! Thank god, it doesn't happen with some creeper! I smiled to myself and lied down on my bed and thought.

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