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November 6 2012:

It has been a weird day walking down to go to school.


4. November 7,2012

After school, I had volleyball practice. Volleyball is awesome. That's my opinion anyways. I don't really like basketball, soccer, nor baseball. I like football, but we don't have football in our school. I am mad about that. It's probably because the school is a small school. But volleyball is the only sport I really like in this town. I can't wait until I am done with school. I can get out of this hell hole. 

I was really happy about practice because I didn't have to walk home alone until like five o'clock. I'm not perfect at volleyball, but I am okay at it. Better than some people. I am number twenty six if you wondering. I play JV. I am in the tenth grade. Some of the people we play against suck. So we usually win.

After volleyball practice, I had to walk home in the dark cold. I was really happy when I had my heavy (And I mean real heavy) warm, winter coat, gloves with fur on the inside, boots with fur on the inside, warm pants, and a warm hat with (Again) fur on the inside. I was all nice and cozy. At least I thought. Once I took one step outside, I felt like I would freeze up into a icicle. But I still had to walk home, no one in this town is nice enough to give someone a ride to someone's house, when its below zero that is.

While I was walking home, I almost forgot about the whole feeling like someone's fallowing me and touching me. But then, when I was about to walk down the sidewalk, I just remembered. I ran back and saw one of my friends Dena. I ran up to Dena and asked if she was walking home or has a ride.

"No. My parents are to busy with there jobs to give me a ride home." She said.

"Me too. I was wondering, since we live next to each other, if you wanna walk home with me." He asked. She nodded and we headed down the road. The wind was blowing everywhere, and when the snowflakes touched my face, it felt like cold needles sticking into my skin. My face felt like it was going to freeze of. I still kept on walking though. I sucked it all in and decided to think about a song. It helps me forget about stuff.

Dena and I talked about the weather and what boy was hot and which one wasn't. I forget about the cold and the feeling of someone touching me. But once we reached this restaurant, something touched my hair. At first I thought it was just the wind, but then It went down my arm and onto my back. I tried to ignore it, but it wouldn't stop. Finally I asked Dena if she felt like something was touching her.

"No. I feel fine. Why?" She asked.

"Oh no reason, just wondering." I answered back. We kept waling, and within a few minutes we were at my house."Well this is it!" I yelled over the wind. The wind started to get louder once we started to reach my house. We said goodbye and I ran up the steps and ran through the door.

"Are you okay?" My mom asked.

"Yeah. Its just really cold out there." The feeling of someone touching me stopped. I did everything a normal person would do after they got home from school. I ate, watched, talked, ate some more, and went to bed. I kept thinking about how I would feel something touching me by myself and with other people, and I wouldn't feel it when I was with Mike. Does he only touch me when I am alone and with other girls? Does he not touch me when I am with Mike?

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