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November 6 2012:

It has been a weird day walking down to go to school.


3. November 7, 2012

Today when I got up, a rush of cold air blew into my room. I walked up to my window and looked to see if it was open. For some odd reason, it was. I tried to remember if I open the window before I went to bed. I didn't, I just went to sleep. If I didn't open my window, who did?

I got dressed, brushed my hair and teeth, got a warm coat on, but some cool but warm boots on, grabbed my backpack, said bye to my family, and walked out the door. It was colder than it was yesterday, a lot colder. I hugged myself and started walking towards the sidewalk. I took one step on the sidewalk, and something flew right by me. I jumped back and looked to see what it was. There was something white stuck on the tree, wiggling in the wind. I ran up to the tree and tried to reach it. I stood on my tippy toes and jumped as high as I could. I couldn't reach it. I was trying to figure out how to get the thing floating in the air when the strange boy came up.

"Do you need some help?" He asked. 

"Oh! God you scared me! Yes please." I said. He reached up over my head ( I am very short so any one can do that) and grabbed the paper. He handed it to me and when I grabbed it, something pushed me and I landed in his arms again. Today he smelt like hot chocolate and mint. I breathed in the smell and then remembered where I was. I pushed back again, very fast, and fell to the ground. I quickly got up and brushed the snow of me.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

"Yes! I mean...I am fine. Thank you for getting the paper. And sorry for bumping into you again." I said in a very quiet voice. I wondered if he could even hear me.

"Your welcome and its okay." He said in a warm voice. We stood there for a few minutes, I didn't know what to do, and I guess he didn't either. 

"Well, I gotta go to school!" I said. The wind was gushing everywhere. All I could see was snow and him. I started to walk away when he grabbed my arm.

"Um...sorry. I was wondering if I could walk with you, just in case you fall again or get lost." He said with a laugh in his voice. I smiled and said sure(Who would say no to him? He is kinda hot).

"I'm sorry I don't know your name. What is it?" I asked." My name is Lena."

"My name is Mike. Nice to meet you." He said. I smiled and he took out his hand. I grabbed it and we shook. His hand was warm and smooth, I almost didn't want to let go. But I did, it kinda got awkward. We walked to school together, and talked about some stuff. Surprisingly nothing touched me. Hmmm...I wonder if it only touches me when I am alone.


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