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November 6 2012:

It has been a weird day walking down to go to school.


2. November 6, 2012

After I spent the whole day in school, doing work and dogging all the jerks. I asked my friend, Alie, if she could give me a ride home.

"I can't, I'm staying after school for basketball practice." She said. I said okay and told her to have fun and not to get hit in the head with the ball. She laughed and ran down the hall towards the girls locker room. I smiled and walked towards the door. I stepped out side then stopped suddenly, remembering the feeling I had this morning. The door behind me opened and pushed me to the side. It was a girl that walked out. I couldn't see her that much, the snow was coming a lot faster and harder than this morning. She said sorry and ran down towards a blue van.

I started to walk slowly and my eyes were darting everywhere. Nothing happened so I started to relax. I walked a little faster. Soon after I started to walk normally. But when I started to do that, a voice whispered in my ear. I couldn't understand what it said, but it sounded like a boy. I couldn't pin the exact age, but I knew it was between ten and eighteen. I was fifteen so I knew what a teenage boy sounded like. But this voice sounded very sad, confused, and frightening. 

I walked really fast hoping to get away from the boy, occasionally looking back wondering if I could see the boy. I ran so fast, I ran into the man.

"Sorry! I didn't mean to run into you." I said getting up. I looked up and saw that it was that strange boy I see walking lost in the hallways in school and on the streets. He stuck his hand out and I took it. I helped me up, a little to fast, and I was into his arms. He was so warm, he smelt like chocolate and cookies. I looked up and saw that he was staring at me with a stunned face. I pushed back and said sorry again

"You don't have to say sorry. Its okay." He said. I looked at his shoes not wanting to meet his eye.

"I gotta get going." I said and raced home.

When I got home I did what I would normally do. I did my homework (which was super hard), watched some T.V., went on the computer, ate dinner, and went to bed. Now I am writing in this new dairy that my mom gave me. So I gotta go to bed now, I think that's what you say to a dairy. So good night and I will wright in you tomorrow. That sounded weird...

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