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November 6 2012:

It has been a weird day walking down to go to school.


1. November 6, 2012

It has been a weird day walking down the streets of DeRuyter. Weirder than usual. I thought I felt someone fallowing on my way to school. It was snowing and I couldn't see anything up ahead. I kept looking back knowing I wouldn't see anything, but I still did it. I don't exactly know why, maybe its just something that people do expecting they would see something pop out any minute.

I was almost near the road when I heard a crash behind me. I spin around quickly but see nothing. Again. I remember I have my ipod in my coat pocket. I fish it out and quickly put in the plugs. I look for my favorite song, I'm so sick by flyleaf, and turn it up as loud as I can. I walk a little ways longer waiting for the turn, and I felt something breathing on my neck. I scrunched up my neck and walked faster. I felt something touch my arm and down to my wrist. I walked even faster. I felt something rub my back. I started running. I ran all the way to school without stopping. I ran into the school and then stopped.

Everyone was staring at me in a worried but confused look. I straightened up and walked to my locker. I don't know what I was feeling or why I felt like something was touching me, but I knew I might ask one of my friends for a ride to school for now on. But if I do that, then I would never know what it was that was touching me. What should I do?



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