One Night Stand

One single moment can change the rest of your life. This moment could be of pure happiness. It could be of complete sadness. It could be of hate, love, or fear. This moment could be of lust.
That's all it takes; one moment. One Decision. Just one.
Blaire Stacey regrets one decision in her life more than anything. And she wishes more than anything that she could go back and change it, but she can't.
It all started when she ran into Harry Styles—literally. And her life spiraled out of course not long after.
What will she do? What will he say? What will everyone else in the world say? Can Blaire handle it all?


1. Ruined

So, basically, this is how my world turned upside down.
I was just at KFC on a normal November night ordering me some chicken. I was going to take it home and eat it while watching some Disney movies. Lion King and Finding Nemo to be exact.
All my friends were out with their boyfriends or at a party and I definitely wasn't a party person. So I had planned myself a Saturday night all alone in my house since my parents were also gone, probably at some bar or something. I had a whole house to myself.
Little did I know my plans for the night would be drastically changed. As well as the rest of my life.
"Here you go ma'am!" the cashier said brightly.
I smiled back as I grabbed my food and headed for the door.
I opened the door and exited. The sky had turned dark already, yet it was only seven o'clock. The cold wind whipped my hair in awkward directions and blew hard against my face causing me to squint my eyes.
I turned the corner and headed for my street when I hit something hard and fell back. I slammed my head on the cold concrete sidewalk, and my head rebounded from the impact. The bag of food I was holding flew out of my hand and landed somewhere on the pavement.
"Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry!" a warm British voice said, with worry laced in his rocky tone.
He kneeled beside me and placed a hand on my arm. My eyes were still closed and I try to sit up. My hand flew to the back of my head and I winced from the pain.
"I'm so sorry," he repeated. He put his hand in my back as if to support me.
I opened my eyes and saw shocking green eyes before mine that were full of worry.
"It's alright," I brushed him off and tried to stand up. He grabbed my hands and pulled me up quickly.
I was a bit dizzy from the quick movement and my head throbbed. I closed my eyes to clear my head.
I opened my eyes and really looked at the guy who was standing in front of me and holding me up.
My mouth dropped open and I swear my heart started to beat a hundred thousand miles an hour.
"Harry?" I managed to squeak. I took in his purple jack wills sweatshirt and faded jeans, not believing my fangirl eyes.
"Hey," he laughed and looked away awkwardly.
I looked away as well mentally cursed myself for what I was wearing. I had on yoga pants and a PINK sweatshirt. My hair had fell around my shoulders in its natural wave and the only makeup on my face was mascara.
I searched for my bag of food and saw it sitting in a puddle of water. Great.
"Oh! Let me get you whatever you had, I kind of ruined it," Harry said pointing at my bag of food.
"No that's alright," I said shyly.
"No really! Come on!" he said. He grabbed my hand and pulled me to the KFC and opened the door for me. I walked inside smiling at him.
"Really, you don't--" I began.
"No, I do," he cut me off.
So he bought me and himself food and we sat down and talked for an hour. Then he walked me home.
"Again, sorry for knocking you down," he smiled sheepishly at me.
"Maybe you should watch where you're going next time!" I flirted with him.
"Maybe you shouldn't be so short!" he retorted.
"I'm not that short! I'm nearly as tall as you!" I defended myself.
"Yeah. I know," he winked.
"Well I have two movies waiting for me," I say reluctantly.
"What movies?" he questioned flirtatiously.
"Lion King and Finding Nemo," I said simply.
"And who are you going to watch those movies with?" Harry had a sly look on his face.
"It's just me," I looked down at my shoes.
"That's horrible!" he said with mock-pity.
"I know, if only someone would watch them with me..." I said with fake sadness in my voice.
"I could... always... join you.." Harry said flirting with me.
"Great!" I unlocked the door and opened it, swinging it wide and gesturing for him to walk in.
He smiled at me and winked before entering my house.
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