Little Things

Sarah Loves One Direction!
Will She Watch A Twitcam?
What Will Happen When She Comments?
Who Will Call Her?
Will She Go On Tour?
Will She Sing?
The Little Things Matter.....

(Find Out Here!!!)


7. We're Here!

Sarah's POV

I was still awake. So I got up and went to the bathroom. My hair wasn't to messed up. I brushed My teeth. I put my hair in a ponytail. I went back in there. All of the boys were up except for Niall And Zayn. "Get Niall up Sarah." Louis Said winking. So I went over to Niall and shook him a little. "Niall get up." I said. He rubbed his eyes. It was adorable. "What are we there?" he asked. "almost." I said. "okay." I said. He got up and went to the bathroom. When he came out his haired was fixed. 


We finally got to the hotel.

"We're here." Liam said. So I got my bags when Niall came up behind me and said "Here let me get them." "Okay." I said smiling. Paul came up to us. He talked to Niall For and minute. "Sarah Is it okay if you stay in Nialls room?" He asked. "Yeah of course." I said. "Okay."

So we went in. Paul handed us our keys. "Come on." Niall said. So we walked over to the elavator. It was kinda awkward. We were in a really nice hotel. We were on the 7th floor.

"Okay room 723." He said. "Okay." we walked and finally found our room. He put my stuff on A bed. There was a kitchen in there. "Thanks." I said. "Your welcome."

"well i'm tired so night." Niall said. "Okay Night." I said. We turned the lights of then I fell asleep.

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