Little Things

Sarah Loves One Direction!
Will She Watch A Twitcam?
What Will Happen When She Comments?
Who Will Call Her?
Will She Go On Tour?
Will She Sing?
The Little Things Matter.....

(Find Out Here!!!)


5. Time To Go!

Sarah's POV

My phone started ringing. "Hello?" I said "Hey Sarah we are almost there ready?" He asked. "Yeah I Am." I said.

30 Minutes later.

The doorbell rang. I answered It. It was Niall. I stood there for a second. "Hey Niall come in." He did and the boys followed. "Mom Dad, Cady!" I yelled. My sister ran in there. "Hey." I said to her "Oh H-hey." She said. "This is Ni-." I started to say. She Cut me off. "I know who they are." She said "Oh Okay. Guys this is my sister." I said "Hey" they said. I hugged My parents and my sister goodbye. "I Love you guys I talk to you soon!" I hugged them bye

Then its was time to go.

They carried my bags on the bus. They led me on. I sat on a couch awkwardly. "So Sarah Tell Me about you." Niall Said. "Uh Okay i'm Sarah I love music and you guys my favorite color is blue and yeah." I laughed A little. "Okay thats good enough." He winked.

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