Little Things

Sarah Loves One Direction!
Will She Watch A Twitcam?
What Will Happen When She Comments?
Who Will Call Her?
Will She Go On Tour?
Will She Sing?
The Little Things Matter.....

(Find Out Here!!!)


10. The Ride Home...

Sarah's POV

"Hey Sarah I finally have A question!" He said. "Really? What is it?" I asked. "I'll ask you at the hotel." he said. "Niall you did that on purpose." I said. "What did I do Babe?" He said. "Nothing." I said.

We talked for A While. So how has your day been Sarah?" Harry asked. "Good what about you?" I asked. "Good thanks." He said "Of course." I said.

"So that's your twitter?!?" Liam asked. "Which one?" I asked. "it says Sarah Loves You." He said. "Oh yeah why?" I asked. "Well I saw you tweet me one time and I was gonna tweet back but I couldn't find you." he said "Oh it's alright." I said. "Okay I'll make it up to you." he said. "Okay Liam." I said smiling.

my phone went off. It was from twitter. I checked it and it said. 'I love you Sarah! x' From Liam. "Thanks Liam." I said. I replied 'I Love you too Liam! x' He smiled at me.

We finally got to the hotel.

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