Little Things

Sarah Loves One Direction!
Will She Watch A Twitcam?
What Will Happen When She Comments?
Who Will Call Her?
Will She Go On Tour?
Will She Sing?
The Little Things Matter.....

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13. The Next Day.... September 11th

Sarah's POV

I woke up this morning Next to Niall. I just remembered what happened. For some reason i had no regret at all. I was glad. He was my first time to do anything with. I just can't stop smiling.

I decided to not get Niall up yet so I went to Louis room. I knocked on the door. Louis came and answered it in just his boxers. I giggled. "Oh Louis." "What?" He asked "Oh nothing can I come in?" I smiled. He gestured his hand. So I walked in and sat on the couch. He sat next to me "So what's up?" He asked. "Oh nothing but do you think Niall and I are going to fast?" I asked. "I don't know love it depends on what you think." He said. "Well It doesn't feel wrong I mean it feels totally right." I said. "Well then i guess its fine." He said smiling. "Thanks Louis You are my bestfriend." I said hugging him. "No problem Love." He smiled. "Bye." Then I walked out of the room. 

I got in the room Niall was still asleep. So I went over and got on top of him. I shook him A little "Niall Hey will you please get up?" I wispered. "What?" He mumbled. "Please get up Niall. For me." I smiled.He leaned up and kissed me. "Fine." He smiled. He sat up. "So what are our plans for today" He asked. "Well it's your birthday in two days! So you choose." I said. "Oh yeah. Guess what my early present was?" He asked. I was confused. "What?" I asked. "You." He smiled and kissed me.

"Okay Im gonna take a shower." I said. "Okay." He said. I went to the bathroom and got in the shower. I washed my hair. When I was dont taking A shower I went out to get my Hairdryer and clothes. "You mind If I take A shower while your doing your hair?" he asked. "Nope go Ahead." I smiled. He walked in there and took his shirt off. I went up to him and pushed his hips into mine. I looked up and smiled at him. He leaned down and kissed me. "I love you Sarah." "I love you to Niall." I said smiling. He finished taking off his clothes then got in the shower.

He sings in the shower. He was singing Summer Love. So I hummed along with him. 

I blowdryed my hair and then straightened it. Then I put my makeup on and brushed my teeth.

"Will you and me my towel please?" He asked. "Yeah." So I opened the curtain and handed it to him. "Thanks babe." "Your welcome." He got out. I was ready but he still was in his towel. "Sarah Can you please do my hair?" He asked. "uhm never done A guys hair but i will try. But go put some boxers on." I smiled. "Okay." So he went and put some on. Then He came back in. "So how do you do it?" i asked. "I just blowdry it and put gel in it." He said. "Oh uhm okay ill try." I smiled. "Okay babe Do whatever and I'll Wear it." 

So I blowdryed his hair and brushed it up then put gel in it. It looked exactly like how it usually does. "Good job babe!" He smiled and picked my up. "Thanks." I smiled and laughed. I kissed him then went back in the room.

He put his clothes on. He was wearing a tanktop and skinny jeans with A hat. "Lets go to louis'." He said. "Okay." I said. So we went out of the door and walked down the hall. Niall grabbed my hand. "I love you Sarah." He said. "I love you too Niall." I looked up at him and he kissed me. "Your so adorable." I said. "Well you are too babe." he said smiling. We got to Louis' room and knocked. Louis still in his underwear answered the door. 

We went in. "Okay today is A day of relaxation. We have to rehearse tomorrow and the next day is Nialls birthday then we have A show. So lets order room service and watch movies." Louis said. "Okay what ever you say Louis." I said. 

So all the boys eventually got in the room. "Okay someone pick the first movie." Louis said. "How about twilight?" Liam asked. We all said. "Okay." So Louis got the movie and put it in. Me and Niall cuddled the whole movie. When it was over it was only 2. "okay now?" Louis asked. "How about New Moon." Zayn Said. We all laughed and Louis put it in.

So we watched it and me And Niall were still cuddling. When it was over Louis said. "Lets order room service!" "Okay." We all said. So he order pop and popcorn. "So what movie now? Eclipse" "Probobly." I said. 

before the movie started room service came. So Louis put Eclipse in and played it.

So we all still in the same spots me and Niall still cuddling.

When the movie was over it was 7. "So Breaking Dawn?" Louis asked. "Sure." we said. So he put it in.

We stayed in the same spots. Everyone except me Niall and Louis fell asleep. it was 10. "We are gonna go now." Niall said. "Okay" Louis said. So we went out the door and down the hall. We got to our room I went and layed on the bed and Niall layed on me and kissed me then got to my side and said. "Night Sarah I Love You." "Night Niall I Love You too." I said and kissed him.

Then we drifted off. 

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