In My eyes

Do you ever feel as if everything in the world is different from your eyes then others? Have you ever felt different? Were you able to see things others can’t? All of this happened to me, My name is Katie Reed and I am different from everyone else.


2. In my soul

I trudged downstairs and acted like she didn't ruin my life. "Morning hun"
 My mother said cheerfully. What is wrong with her? "Training starts in ten" She said before walking off. I may not look like i care but i do deep down, i know you are thinking cheesy right? You try to be in my shoes having no socail life. I can't even get a boyfriend because of the training. The training is important, well that is what my mother says. She says i am going to need one day. My mother acts like I am going into the hunger games. I walk outside and i see and new course. "Do the course" My mother says. I look at her like she is crazy but she gives me the same look back. "Fine" and i was off running like there was no tomorrow. I stopped after a minute and took a breathe. "You can't do that" My mother kept telling me when i would stop. The was my life.......

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