In My eyes

Do you ever feel as if everything in the world is different from your eyes then others? Have you ever felt different? Were you able to see things others can’t? All of this happened to me, My name is Katie Reed and I am different from everyone else.


10. Feelings....... out in the open

2 WEEKS LATER..........

It has been two weeks since my mom has been alive, since I found out that i am being tracked to be killed, since i met Madison, since my life has been normal or well semi- normal life. I guess I never really knew that my life was never going to be the same until Madison yelled at me the other night and to be honest it scared me. Badly.



"WHEN DO YOU THINK ALL OF THIS WILL SINK IN?! AFTER YOUR DEAD!!" Madison yelled at me. i couldn't fight the tears anymore. "Stop yelling at me" I mumbled.  He rose his head but stop right before i can feel the impact. I opened my eyes and saw him standing there shocked of what he was doing. I was standing there with my arms over my face to block the hit. Madison put his hand down and touch my cheek. "I'm sorry" He whispered barley so that i can hear him. I leaned into him touch and that cause him to smile. He wrapped his arms around me so that my face was in chest. I really do need to think about what was going on.

                                                                       *END OF FLASHBACK* 


After that day things were different between us. He barely talked to me and when he did it was only a "are you okay?". I think after that day he stop trying to help physically and mentally. It hurt. Knowing that he might not  want anything to do with me or that he might leave any minute. "What's wrong?" I finally asked him. "What do you mean?" He asked. "I mean you have been acting cold lately after the 'fight' if you call it that" I told him trying to look him in the eye. It was silent for a few moments before he got up and turned around to look at him. "I love you okay! I've always have even thought we never met before I have always loved the way you smiled, you eyes but your mom died and we were brought together i loved you even more and i grew to love you even more! I love you okay!" He shouted so the whole world could here him. I didn't know what to do but just to stand there shocked.


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