In My eyes

Do you ever feel as if everything in the world is different from your eyes then others? Have you ever felt different? Were you able to see things others can’t? All of this happened to me, My name is Katie Reed and I am different from everyone else.


5. Facing the Killer

Right in front of me was the Killer of My mother. The face was covered so i couldn't see him. All i coulde see was the evil in his eyes. I knew that this wasn't the end of his killing. I threw a punch at him but he blocked it by talking my hand in his. "Stupid girl" He said laughing. I lifted my leg and hit him. He dropped my hand then dropped to the floor. "Who's stupid now?" I asked him. I tried to run but he grabbed my lef causing me to fall to the ground face first. "Still you it looks like" the man said. I couldn't move, it was the end of me. He was about to kill me when the door flung open. The last thing i saw was a boy hovering above me.

I opened my eyes and saw a white room. I had a big headache. I turned my head to see a boy my age staring at me. "That is creepy" I said before closing my eyes again. "Sorry, are you ok?" He asked me. I slowly nodded. "What happened?" I asked. He looked at me, "Alot".

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