In My eyes

Do you ever feel as if everything in the world is different from your eyes then others? Have you ever felt different? Were you able to see things others can’t? All of this happened to me, My name is Katie Reed and I am different from everyone else.


1. My Mornings

My life changed when I turned 13. I had strange things happen to me,I started seeing thing others can't. My parents said it was normal for a person with my type of blood but people at my school would call it a different thing if they found out. "Freak".

I woke to my alarm clock ringing at 5 in the morning. Crazy right? i am used to it, i wake up this early because my mom says i need the training for when i am "Ready" what ever that is supposed to mean. My training contains of flips, kicks, and much more. If I could i would turn back the clocks to the day i turned 13 to make it never happen. That day was the worst day of my life, i turned into a freak and it is also that day my brother died. He's name was Jake and he was just like me but he was older by 6 years. My mom told she didn't want what happen to him happen to me so that is why she trains me every morning, but all i wish is that i could live a normal life. I rolled out of bed and he is the started to my day..........

[Go easy on me this is my frist story let me know what you think]

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