Away with the Wind

Ever since Emily looked into those warm brown eyes she's been hooked but since the world wide phenomenon of "One Direction" she hasn't seen Liam in like forever...... Will they stay together til the end or will they crash and burn under the pressure of the world? Read the story and find out!


2. Surprise Visit


I sighed as I put my phone back on the night stand and walked back to the bed. I opened and the covers and lied down on the warm bed. Before I knew it I was fast asleep.

When I woke up sun was shining through the window. I slowly turned around and had a mini heart attack when I saw there was something lying beside me. It turned around and I let out a huge sigh of relief when I realized it was just Liam.

" Wait Liam!?" I said.

" Morning Babe" he said groggily.

" What`re you doing here?" 

" I missed you too much so I decided to come home a bit early, the boys don`t mind" he replied casually. I was too tired to argue. I plopped back down beside him. He wrapped his arms around me in a warm hug. I turned around and looked into his warm brown eyes.

" We should probably get up" I said sitting up in the bed and pushing the covers down.

" Okay, You could take the first shower" he said while I bent down for a kiss. He quickly gave me a kiss and I walked into the bathroom and close the door. I was drying my hair when I heard the door of the apartment flung open and a girls voice shrieked

"LIAAAAAAM!" I quickly opened the door just about a crack so that Liam wouldn't notice. He was sitting up in bed with a look of panic in his eyes. He was opening his mouth when a girl with dirty blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes burst into our room.

"I found you Liam me and the boys were so worr-" She stopped and looked over at the bathroom door which I had opened a bit more and saw me with anger in her eyes she said

"Who is SHE!?"

" Umm.. she's... my..... uh..." he stuttered.

" I'm his girlfriend" I said finishing the sentence for him.

" Uh... excuse ME!?" she almost practically screamed. I couldn't believe it the boy I had just kissed cheated on me!

" Wait.. I could explain..." Liam said in a quiet whisper. 

" How could you?!?" I said with a tone of anger in my voice and tears forming in my eyes. I dropped my towel and ran out the door while Liam was screaming for me to come back.






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