Away with the Wind

Ever since Emily looked into those warm brown eyes she's been hooked but since the world wide phenomenon of "One Direction" she hasn't seen Liam in like forever...... Will they stay together til the end or will they crash and burn under the pressure of the world? Read the story and find out!


8. Girls Night In

Hey! I'm back me lovelies! I'm going to try to update as much as I can on the weekend because I don't really have the most time available during the week. Hope you like it! Please comment your suggestions, I'd love to hear them. 
- Brianna Xx :)

Emily's POV
      Liam. One name. How could one name affect my life so much. Liam. My world. My love. Is he still that? Can I ever possibly trust him again? Out of all the people in this world I never thought it would be Liam who would do such a thing. Did he really mean it? Was I really the one he loved? Or was he in his car right this second repeating those same exact words to some other girl? I don't know. And I really don't want to. 
      Ugh. Coming here was supposed to be relaxing. Instead, it just made things worse. I finished my latte and headed out into the cool late afternoon. Where else could I possibly be that I knew I wouldn't be bothered? I had enough money to stay at the hotel for as long as I wanted since I had a decent job, but being alone has really never been my cup of tea. I would invite the boys over, but with the tension between me and Liam things just wouldn't be the same. Plus, I simply needed a break from the infuriating male population. Suddenly realization hit me, and I knew exactly who I needed by my side. Time for a girls night in. 

      There. All set. I had just finished calling Brianna, Clare, kaylin, and Sam, all of whom were on their way over. 
     In a matter of five minutes the doorbell of my suite rang, and I was quite surprised because I had barely had time to change into my pajamas. 
          I swung the door open and was greeted by my friend Brianna's smiling face at the door step. She was holding a King size bucket of my favorite Ben and Jerry's ice cream, the Vow, the Notebook, and Love Actually.
      I felt immensely relieved. She always seemed to know what to do and what I needed. Quickly she gave me a hug and set down the "break-up supplies" on the counter. The first thing she said though surprised me.
"Em, you know there's a really hot guy in the lobby looking for you right?"
     Woah...what? I don't know anybody at this hotel...except Caleb! Who I said I would have dinner with tonight! Oh my gosh I felt so bad! I'll just tell him I accidentally made plans and see if we could reschedule tomorrow.
      Frantically I explained my situation to Brianna, who all the while was practically shoving me out the door, regardless of the fact I was in my pajamas.
      As soon as I was in the elevator I let my thoughts run. To be honest, I was kind of nervous. Would Caleb think I stood him up? Would he even still be there? Why the hell did I let myself leave my room with pajamas on? Oh least they were cute pj's, black silk with pink lining, not that bad. 
      Soon I heard a ding and the elevator doors slowly slid open revealing a dejected Caleb just about to walk inside. I cleared my throat once he entered the elevator, and glancing up he realized it was me. 
"Oh! I'm sorry are you, erm, ready to that?" he asked me
"No sorry Caleb, I accidentally made plans already, I feel so bad could we possibly reschedule for tomorrow?"
I pleaded. Even though I knew he wasn't right for me, I wanted to see how this date would turn out. 
"Well, sure. How could I say no to such a pretty girl like you?"
I blushed and thanked him as I stepped out of the elevator onto my floor. 
       As soon as I reached my door I knew all the girls had arrived, I mean come on if you've met my friends you'd know they're extremely loud. However, I was still really excited to be spending some girl time together.
        I practically ripped open the door and was greeted by the sight of Clare with three pizza boxes, probably Niall's doing, Kaylin, empty handed exclaiming that her mere presence was enough of a comfort, there's no wonder she's dating Louis, and Sam with all of my stuff from Liam's...and a mirror. Yeah, she's dating Zayn. Now that I think about it, I think Brianna's boyfriend Harry got her to bring the Vow, that ones the sappiest guy on the planet I tell you. 
       Once were all settled, I've given everyone a big hug, and explained my situation with Liam, we finally start the movie at 8:56. By this time, me and the girls have finished two large pizzas, and Clare's munching away on a third. Honestly I have no idea how she can be so thin yet eat so much. 
        Five minutes in I hear Brianna sniffling and I can't help but break down into tears too. It continues like that throughout the rest of the movies, and finally, I realize I have something I need to share with them. The credits fade after the last movie and the urge to let my secret out is so heavy on my chest it feels like I'm going to explode. 
"GUYS" I blurt out.
All the girls turn their heads to me, disregarding their previous conversations. 
"Yeah?" they answer. 
"I..uh...I need to tell you something. You have to swear to not tell anyone."
"OMGOMGOMG WHAAAAT?!" yeah, the one that just busted my eardrum and is now jumping up and down, that's kaylin..
"okay well..." here it goes. No turning back. I take a deep breath and start.  "My real name is Beatrix. After my mother lost the battle to cancer, I couldn't bear to be named after her, because anytime I would hear my own name a little piece of my heart would break from thinking of her. So I changed it to Emily. But it's been four years, and I think I'm ready to have at least you guys call me by who I really am. Emily just doesn't feel right anymore." I finish and glance up from looking at the ground. All the girls mouths are hanging open in shock. Oh no. I really don't want them to make a big deal out of this. I just want it to happen, like getting a nickname or something.
      Thank god Brianna and kaylin get the picture. As soon as they see me looking at them worried, they quickly recover and come up to give me a hug. 
"Kay Bea!" Brianna chirps. "S'all cool Trixie" Kaylin replies. Oh god. I've already gotten a real nickname. Clare and Sam quickly follow suit, and soon everything has returned to normal.
       Me and the gals are almost crashed at 1:32 when there's a knock at the door. 
"Ergh." I groan. 
Probably one of the responsible boys, being the first to pick up one of the girls. I swing open the door and the first thing I see are curls. 
"Oh hi Harry." I say groggily. Definitely not responsible, but I guess he does care about Bri-Bri. 
      He goes over to where she's sitting whispering with the others about who knows what, that girl, such a gossip, and is interrupted by Harry picking her up bridal style. She shrieks in shock and obviously hadn't heard him enter the room. Quickly realizing it's him she gives him a hug, then feigns being too tired to walk so she can get carried out of the building.
       As they exit through the door I hear Hazza whisper 
"I missed you" and Brianna answer
 "Eh, can't say the same for you" followed by an exaggerated 
"OW! I was kidding!"
 I  roll my eyes and walk back towards the living room, but before I can even sit down there's another knock at the door.
      Erg, who is it now? I open the door and am greeted by Zayn and Louis. Quickly Zayn thunders in yelling "I missed you babe!" Sam's about to reply when he yanks the mirror from her and she realizes who he was really talking to. 
       Finally, after five whole minutes of a staring contest with his reflection, Zayn regards Sam and says 
"Oh and you. It's time to go" 
Sam just sighs and tells me this always happens when he has the medical condition of 'mirror withdrawal' the non-ability of being unable to be without a mirror for only two hours at a time at most. 
       I check my watch. She's been here for six hours plus with that mirror. Oh god.
      Its then that i realize Louis and Kaylin have disappeared. Uh-oh. Those two alone together are not good. 
      I enter the kitchen to find them smuggling carrots out of my fridge all the while Louis is telling Kaylin some "I LAVA YOU" volcano joke.
       I cough and they realize they've been caught. 
       I bid them farewell wishing Sam luck and plop down on the couch beside Clare.
 "And then there were two" I say fake menacingly. 
"Pfft yea right Niall's probably just held up in the drive-thru" she responds. 
"Really Clare, you still need food?" I exclaim, shocked. Will she ever get full?! 
"Well, no but that doesn't mean I won't eat it" she replies with a wink.
      I open my mouth for a speech about how she should be healthier but she's saved by the doorbell. 
       As suspected I open the door to Niall yelling at Clare to hurry up. As soon as she comes into view, he drags her by the arm towards the elevator frantically telling her that "Irish whiskey hour" only lasts for another twelve minutes! All the while shoving a McDonald's bag into her hands. 
       I sigh, watching them from the doorway. This girls night was just what I needed. But at the same time, I have a sneaking suspicion  I'll be driving a wasted Niall and Clare home tonight. 
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