Away with the Wind

Ever since Emily looked into those warm brown eyes she's been hooked but since the world wide phenomenon of "One Direction" she hasn't seen Liam in like forever...... Will they stay together til the end or will they crash and burn under the pressure of the world? Read the story and find out!


7. Chat at Starbucks

Hey guys! So I'm Brianna, as beatrix told u I'll be taking over this story for a bit. ;) check out my account --> brianna'sboys.  I don't have my own published movellas yet but I do co author tons of stories and am thinking of starting my own! I'd love to hear your comments and suggestions about this chapter, but first on with the story :)

Emily's pov

Slow down. What am I thinking? I just met some random guy named Caleb in an elevator and I already have feelings for him? I can't believe he just kissed me. This is all moving to fast. I need to go clear my mind. And honestly, there's only one place I can go to do so. 


I walk into Starbucks and am hit with the enticing smell of coffee and bakery sweets. I absolutely love it here and after ordering a pumpkin spice latte I grab a booth isolated in the corner. I decide to take out my phone and go on twitter, I haven't checked my account for a while. I'm just about to take a sip of my latte when I hear a cough. I glance up and I see...I see liam.
Liam's POV 
I am so stupid. I don't know what I was thinking. I was obviously drunk when I got together with that slut, and I realize now that emily's the only one for me. Whenever I'm around her I just get butterflies, she's do beautiful, funny and pretty. How could I have messed up so bad? For now, I need to clear my mind. I need to go to Starbucks. 
I walk inside and get a pumpkin latte, but it only reminds me of Emily. Everything reminds me of Emily and how I screwed everything up. That girl in the corner drinking a pumpkin spice latte that looks exactly like her almost makes my heart shatter. Wait. It IS her. I quickly grab my latte and almost run towards her. I cough and she glances up. I swear I can hear my heart break with the way she looks at me. A beautiful girl like her will be taken tomorrow as long as she's single. I have to show her that I'm still the same Liam as when we first met, and all that I did was a huge mistake. I can only hope shell give me a chance. 

Emilys POV
Why is he here? Can't I ever go anywhere in peace? I am still really upset with him, but as I look him in the eye I can't help but feel a spark. Something I've never felt with anybody else, and I know me and Caleb would never work out. I'll still give him a chance though, and see how our date works out. Oh great, looks like Liam wants to have a chat. 
I inwardly sigh as Liam sits down. Honestly, I'm just not in the mood to talk right now. Before he can say anything I beat him to it
"Liam, I know your upset. I am too. But honestly, I just don't want to talk right now. I'll give you three dates to prove yourself, but then I'll have to think about it. You can't blame me for not knowing if I can ever trust you again."
Liam just sits across for me with his mouth hanging open still ready to speak. Slowly he processes what I just said and responds 
"Thank you Emily. I swear I won't let you down. I understand how you feel, and you have no idea how stupid I was. I know you don't want to talk right now but I just want to let you know that everything that happened with her was a huge mistake, and I never meant anything I said, I could never love her as much as I love you."
"I'll pick you up in two days, Friday, at 6:00."
I sigh, not able to reply with anything but a simple "okay"
"and Emily?"
What more does he want? Can't he see I'm close to breaking?I can feel the tears starting to burn behind my eyes, and feel the tears filling up to the brim. I can't handle being around him, without fully knowing that he cares for me and me only. 
"It's only ever been you that I've loved."
Wait...what? I cant say anything  because i cant say i love him back, if i know damn well im not sure if i do.   But even if i did have something to say, its too late now. I can tell by the look on his face that he isn't expecting an answer. Besides, how do I know he's Telling the truth, that he means what he says, after all that's happened? I can't afford to be broken again. He swiftly stands up and exits the booth without looking back. All I'm left with are my thoughts and the tinkle of the bells attached to the door that tells me he's gone. But he'll be back. In two days. 

So...there it is! Tell me what u think! A small preview for the next chapter: Emily will get a bit of a break from the male population, or so she thinks, with a girls night in ;P. Who knows what'll happen between these five crazy gals.
-Brianna Xx:)
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