Away with the Wind

Ever since Emily looked into those warm brown eyes she's been hooked but since the world wide phenomenon of "One Direction" she hasn't seen Liam in like forever...... Will they stay together til the end or will they crash and burn under the pressure of the world? Read the story and find out!


4. Car Ride

I woke up in an unfamiliar room and quickly sat up. I was so confused ans scared because I didn't know where I was. I ran out of the bedroom and found myself in a beautiful room. It was so beautiful it almost took my breath away. I looked around the room and on the kitchen counter I found a note It said:

" Sorry, had to move you. Liam in grief"

It was signed by Harry. Suddenly I heard my phone vibrating and walked over to it. There was a new text message in it. It was from Louis and it said:

" Meet me in the lobby" So slowly I trudged back into my room and found some clothes in the closet which was pretty weird and tied my hair in a neat bun. I then took my purse and coat and walked down the door. As soon as I stepped into the lobby papparazzi and crazed fans swarmed me. They started yelling rude questions to me like:

"Where's Liam? Did he forget about his damsel in distress?"

"Were you just his rebound girl when he broke up with Danielle?"

"Did he ever love you?" That question hit me hard and I quickly looked down to hide the tears but the questions kept coming

" Did he find you on the streets begging for food?"

" Were you ever good enou-" Suddenly a strong muscular arm swooped in front of me and a voice yelled out

" Leave her alone! She has nothing to do with you!!"As soon as he said it all the directioners went wild screaming his name and asking for autographs and pictures. I winced every time they said his name but he protectively guided us through the crowd and soon enough we reached his car and we got in. He started the car and we were off.  Everything was silent the first couple minutes then I said:

" Liam..."

" I know you hate me right now but, I need you to give me a chance to explain then you can decide."

" Louis is expecting me" I said but I already knew the answer.

" Ummm.... I kinda used his phone to send that text."Liam replied. I sighed calmly and said

" Fine take your chance n-" suddenly his phone started ringing but, he left his phone on top of the dashboard. I quickly picked it up before he could reach it and looked at the caller I.D. I looked at it and it said " Annie" I already knew who she was.

" Answer, the phone and put it on speaker" I said all too calmly. He had that look of panic again but washed it away when I glared at him.

" H...hello?" he said

" Hey Babe" I heard a girl say. I now knew who she was. Liam winced when she said that and said

" Umm. why'd you call?"

" I was just thinking of what you told me the other night when you suddenly disappeared, you remembered what you said right?" I was curious and I looked at Liam with raised eyebrows. He was shaking at the wheel still concentrating on the road and said

" Umm... ummm.... what did I say again?"

" You know you said you loved me to the moon and back?" My heart shattered because that's what he told me when he left for his American tour. I hung up before she said anything else and tears came running down my face. 

" Wait! I can explain" he said frantickly

" You had your chance!" I said.

" Stop the car!" I said angrily

" Wait!" he said.

" STOP THE CAR!" I screamed and he pulled over at the curb. I immediately opened the car door and ran tears streaming down my face ignoring the screams I heard behind me.





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