Away with the Wind

Ever since Emily looked into those warm brown eyes she's been hooked but since the world wide phenomenon of "One Direction" she hasn't seen Liam in like forever...... Will they stay together til the end or will they crash and burn under the pressure of the world? Read the story and find out!


9. Caleb

Hey guys! I'm really sorry it's been a while since I've updated, I haven't had time since my show started, so I've made this chapter a bit longer than the others. Hope u enjoy. Lets try to get the reads to 400! ;) 
-Brianna Xx:)

Emily's POV

        My senses slowly fade in to the hustle and bustle of London outside my window. I open my bleary eyes and rub them as I blink away the urge to climb back under the covers. 
         I stretch and drag myself out of bed. Quickly I hop in the shower and am immediately comforted by the warm water cascading down my back. Eventually I can feel the water slowly run out and i sigh and turn off the shower. 
          I wander to my closet and pick out a purple Aztec butterfly shirt, mustard skinny jeans, motorcycle boots and a stitch cross body bag. 
I glance at my reflection in the mirror and decide on a diagonal French braid. I also decide to apply a bit of mascara and lip gloss.
         Finally I step back and admire my work. Perfect. 
         I go into the main area of my breathtaking suite. For the first time in the past few days I feel...peaceful.  I don't need to worry about Liam, there's nothing I can do, except hope that he realizes his mistake. The girls last night really cleared my mind and it's now that I realize once again just how lucky I am to have them. 
          I decide to sit by the big floor to ceiling window. I settle into the amazingly comfy chair and feel something shoved down the side. What could possibly be shoved in a hotel couch? The maid would've seen it if it was left by someone else. 
        Confused I put my hand in between the cushions and feel a rectangle of plastic. Slowly I extract a 500$ gift card to the most expensive and cutest new store down the street. 
        I can't believe this! The girls must've hid it here last night while I met up with Caleb. They really are the best mates anyone could ask for. 
       Wait a second. Caleb! I have a date with him tonight! I'm surprised when I feel a bit of sadness deep down inside. Why am I even going on a date with him if I dont have feelings for him? Whatever. I'll give him a chance. It's not like it could ruin my mood and my make my impossibly messed up love life even worse. the meantime...what to do today...I think I'll just chill in the lobby- WAIT. 
Is that what I think it is? I run to the window and stare down at the Starbucks a block down. The Starbucks that happens to have a "Help Wanted" sign. 
I bolt downstairs. 

      Panting I hear the tinkle of bells when I arrive through the door. The lady at the counter looks at me questioningly, and all I can do is beckon at the help wanted sign. She understands and leads me into the back. Emma basically just shows me the ropes and says she'll see how I do and then decide if I'm fit for the job. I start in five minutes, so I glance at my phone. 9 unread messages. 
From my boss...
Well. Erm. I won't have to worry about quitting if I do get this job... 
Emma calls me from the counter interrupting my thoughts. Here we go. 

      It's 6:00 and i step outside into the night air. I can't believe I got my dream job! Now I get to be where I love every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday, and it actually pays pretty well! Better than my previous job anyways.  Nothing could possibly ruin this day! Ibetter get ready to meet Caleb. He texted me telling  me to meet him at the lobby at 7:30, how he got my number I don't even want to know. 
       It is 7:25. I step back and examine myself in my full length mirror one last time. I chose a grey ruffle dress, with fly away sleeves cut high on top and low in the back. I grab a black sparkly handbag and pin back my curly hair. As I step out of the elevator I see Caleb looking stunning in a tie, vest and midnight blue shirt. He walks towards me and my heart skips a beat, but deep down inside I know it'll never be the same as it is with Liam. Caleb greets me with a kiss on the cheek and we walk to his car. 
       In fifteen minutes we are seated at a high end restaurant called 'La Fleur Floraison.'  We make small talk for a while and I learn that Caleb just moved here alone from California and loved to surf. 
       Just then a stunning blonde arrives and sits at the table next to ours. She is wearing a roued royal blue dress and though she puts on a pretty face I can pretty much tell she isn't the sweetest apple on the tree. 

        Something's going on. It's been a half hour since this girl showed up and her and Caleb keep making eye contact. Do they know each other? It doesn't seem like it. Everytime she looks this way Caleb randomly starts laughing and kisses me. I'm getting impatient. 
       45 minutes. We've finished eating and we're waiting for the bill. Caleb. The mystery girl. Glance after glance.  I can't take it anymore! Just as I'm about to open my mouth and say something, the girl beside us gets up and beats me to it. 
"Okay Caleb." she sighs, "You got me. I miss you, but honestly, trying to make me jealous with this piece of trash isn't getting you anywhere." she regards me like I'm something stuck to the bottom of her shoe. 
Surprisingly Caleb jumps up and almost pushes me to the ground. What's going on?
"Oh thank god Hillary! I thought I would keep having to take out this slut until you got more and more jealous. Thank god I only had to use her once. It's hard to act like your in love with something as ugly as her."
      I can't believe my ears. How could he? How could he just ruin my one wonderful day like that?
      I get up and calmly walk over to him. He smirks as if I'm no threat. But he changes his decision when I slap him hard and kick him wear it hurts.
      Next, the girl, who's hair I pull after tripping her, causing her to fall face forward into a wonderful wedding cake. I lick the icing from my finger as I walk out of the now chaotic restaurant without a scratch. There's no way in hell I'm gonna have a bad mood and waste tears on a dick like that, because honestly, it's not like he meant anything to me anyways...I just couldn't afford dinner ;)
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