Away with the Wind

Ever since Emily looked into those warm brown eyes she's been hooked but since the world wide phenomenon of "One Direction" she hasn't seen Liam in like forever...... Will they stay together til the end or will they crash and burn under the pressure of the world? Read the story and find out!


1. Midnight Call

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. It was pitch black so it was probably midnight. I sighed and picked up my phone. On the phone it said 1 new text message and I quickly opened the message it said :

" Good Afternoon Babe :)" 

I smiled slightly as I read who it was from. Liam Payne. I giggled as I texted back:

" Different time zones remember? ;)"

I laughed as I read the reply:

" Haha oh yeah! Sorry to wake you Sweet Dreams Darling!"

I was awake already so I walked down the stairs of Liam`s flat.`( While on tour he asked me to keep his flat safe) I quickly checked on the sleeping turtles and texted:

" Just checked all ur turtles are safe"

I waited 10 minutes but there was no reply.

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