That White Cat With The Green Eyes

That White Cat With The Green Eyes. You may be thinking, Why is the cover not of a cat? WELL, you'll have to read it to find it out.


1. My Cat

My mom, my twin sister, Emma, and me, Willow, walked into the pet shelter. Me and Emma were identical, we both had black hair and blue eyes. We were thin and fit. We walked into the adoption center and the tired looking volenteer was typing away on the computer. She looked up at us and let out a big breath.

"Dogs that way, cats that way." Jeez, someone got up on the wrong side of the bed. We headed in the direction of the cats. We already had a husky at home, along with a pug, and a orange cat. Just to even things out, we were getting another cat. The husky belongs to me, the orange cat to my mom, and the pug to my dad. Emma wanted a pet too, so we had the idea to go here. I didn't like the looks of things, cats meowing and hissing at us, the place reeked of urine but Emma looked happy to be surrounded by cats. My family was split between cat and dogs, me and my dad loved our dogs, and my mom and sister love their cats. We could be considered a functional family, if you don't count fighting over the tv remote.

Emma seemed to be looking for something, almost in a trance.


"Hmm?" she snaps out of her little faze.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes." She answered a little too quickly. While she could think what I was thinking, even though we were twins, Emma had become so good at hiding her thoughts that I came out the clueless twin. Then she gets that faraway look in her eyes again. We walk and walk until we come to the quieter, and better-smelling, section of the cat's wing. She walked quick, and it was a challenge to keep up with her. She continued to walk and walk until we came across a white cat that was asleep. Emma stopped in front of it's cage and stared at it.

"Can I have this one?"

"Sure honey, I'll go get the adoption directior." and mom left us in the stinking, cat filled room.

"That is a really pretty cat Em."

"I know." She just stared at the sleeping white cat. It truly was beautiful, it's nose was perfectly pink in contrast to her coat of pure white. I looked at the information on her.

Name: Crystal

Gender: Female

Age: 3


Seemed like a decent animal. 

"I think you want this one Emma."

"Yes." Hmmmm, my sister is acting odd. This may require further investgation. Mom and the adoption lady came into the room. The lady unlocked the cage, alarming the sleeping cat. It had green eyes, not like a normal cat-green eyes, but deep green eyes that had a lot going on behind them. The lady picked up the cat and gently put it in Emma's arms.

"Take good care of this one, she is really calm but she can act up with not the correct treatment."

"Thank you!" the worn-down lady smiled at Emma's always perky attidtude.

"Your welcome honey, your mom has already filled out the papers and we have a bag of supplies waiting for you!"

"Thank you all so much!" I stroked the cat's head as we walked out. Crystal stayed calm being put in the car and fell asleep on the way home with Emma stroking her. I fell asleep too and had the strangest dream. Crystal, she was running away from me, and for some reason I was chasing her. But I wasn't me. I didn't have hands, paws rather, and I could hear a jingling that drove me insane. Then we stopped. We grew in height and Crystal became this beautiful girl with those deep green eyes. I transformed back to me, and I saw something sparkling in the grass. I bent down to pick it up and it turned out to be a cat collar, that read "Olivia" in the middle. Olivia? I thought this cat's name was Crystal. When I looked up towards her, she just smiled and faded into the blue sky.

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