Live while we're young(one direction fan fic)

One directions Niall reunites with his best friend, they catch up and have fun but while doing so he falls hopelessly in love with a girl just as zayn and Harry do to


1. Reunited

"Happy birthday Robyn!" Niall yelled. "Thanks guy, mummy I want my presents now!" I begged. My mum and Nialls mum went off to grab the presents while me and Niall raced to the pool. As per usual I won. I turned around and found Niall eyeing the deep end with a frown on his small face. He was obviously contemplating whether or not to jump. "Aww Niall you afwaid of da deep eeeend?." I teased. "No." He said stubbornly with a pout. "Niall it's ok if you want we can jump in together" I say grabbing his hand to reassure him. He smiles taking my hand." Ok we'll jump on three" Niall says nervously." Ok on three... 3" I yell I jump in pulling Niall with me. As we land on the water I hear Niall scream, I come up laughing but Niall on the other hand came up with a big frown on his face. "Robyn that was not funny. I hate you now." Niall said waving his hands in the air " Niall admit it you love me" I smirk

-----------12 years later-------------

Nialls POV

"Guys I'm hungry can we go to nandos please" I practically begged " alright fine but we can't stay long we have a CD signing to get to" said Liam " yes daddy" Louis says with a cheeky grin. As we walk into nandos I bumps into a girl with long brown wavy hair that reaches the middle of her back. She looks up at me with her brown eyes." Oh my god Robyn is that you?" "Oh hey Niall right?" She looked at me with confusion. I can't believe she doesn't remember me." Just kidding you should of seen your face, you looked like you were about to cry" she mocked laughing. Just when things seemed to be really well two other girls came over started to talk to Robyn." Hey I'm jamila you must be Niall" she says giving Robyn a questioning look.

Olivia's POV

As jamila and I walk up to Robyn, I notice she is talking to one of the hottest bands in the world...yep One Direction."hey Robyn we were just looking for you " I say looking intently and Robyn. "Oh hey guys. I'm pretty sure you know already but this is Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Harry" I say hi to each of them but when I get to Harry I glanced at him noticing he was looking at me i say. Then as I shake his hand my body starts getting all tingly. Just as Harry was about to say something jamila goes and introduces her self to the boys.

Harry's POV

I don't know if she felt it but I sure as hell did, she was the most gorgeous thing I've ever laid eyes on. Her blonde naturally straight hair cascaded down her back stopping just above her ribs I looked into her blue eyes and almost thought I'd seen love in her eyes, who knows maybe she just saw a good friend or something.

2 months later.

Jamilas POV

"Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top can we go to the beach?" I asked making a pouty face and batting my eye lashes. "Fine we can go now go get ready then"

We got to the beach when troy and his friends came over and invited us to play volleyball. Just as troth it the ball over Robyn had to go slam into these guys picnic basket. " Robyn go get the ball" I whisper/yell at her. "Why do I have to" "because your the one who decided to hit it over there jackass" Olivia said in a duh tone. She looked to troy for help but no such luck, Robyn huffed but made her way over there. She started to apologize when she noticed that she had to apologize to One Direction.

Louis POV

One minute I'm watching Niall, Harry, zayn and Liam play soccer when all of a sudden something crashed into our food. Niall came sprinting over faking a sob. "I'm sorry about your food I didn't mean to hit" I suddenly look up at the girl who suddenly stopped talking. "Niall I'm so sorry ill buy you a sandwich" she said winking at Niall, I don't know why but I felt kind of... what's the word...jealous that's the word. Jealous."aww thanks race you down to the beach" Niall said with a big smirk on his face "umm no Niall, haven't you grown up since then,geez never count on you to change" she said laughing."So what brings you down to the beach" I ask trying to change their subject."oh ya know me and my girls got bored and started playing volleyball with Troy and his friends. what about you guys?"she says " oh we got bored so we came down here"


Jamila's POV

What's taking her so long she should only be apologizing. "Hold on to secs guys I'm gonna go get Robyn" I said but was interrupted when Troy said he'd do it instead. Some how I know that this boy has got his heart set on her my very best friend. About 2 minutes later I see all the boys and Robyn make their way over. "I hope you don't mind I invited them to play volleyball" she says looking a bit nervous."umm Robyn can I talk to you a sec" i want to know what's going on " sure thing babe" she says making us both smile. " what's up" she asked curiosity written all over her face " why were you nervous when you came back" I asked with amusement on my face. "Because Troy asked me out but I like someone else and don't know what to do" she said biting her lip." Don't worry about it just tell him how you feel about him" I said trying to reassure " anyway lets get back to the game they're probably waiting" I said

" thanks guys had lots of fun today" said Robyn. "Hey can I talk to you" Troy asked smirking." Ok" Robyn turned to me giving a help me look, I nodded then ran up to Troy and told him that Robyn, Olivia and I need to go but he should call later." Omg thank you so much jamila I will pay you back" she pulled me into a hug.


Olivia's POV

While we were waiting I noticed that Harry kept glancing at me, seriously it's so noticeable." Harry do you mind your starting to creep me out a tad bit" I said softly. "Oh sorry I don't mean to" he said giving me a shy smile
"No it's ok" I said smiling back at him. "Hey Olivia are you busy tomorrow." He asked. "No I'm free tomorrow, would you like to hang out or something?" He gave me his number and told me to call him later. I don't know if its possible but I may be in love with Harry styles...


Later that evening we all went back to Robyn's house so Niall could say hello to Robyn's parents except her dad was off on business again." I'm so bored please can we do something fun" I begged. Louis, Zayn, Liam looked at each other," TRUTH OR DARE" they all yelled in unison. With that Robyn got up and ran out the room and went down stairs to the kitchen." I'll go check on her" Jamila said giving me a knowing glance. I forgot all about what happened last time we played, we promised never to play again.
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