I will put up little thing you can imagine you are doing hope you like them. Also if you want me to make one for you you can post who you want it to be with and what part of your relationship you want it to be at (meeting, first kiss, proposal, ect.....)


2. You saved me (for Jillian)

Imagine you are walking to work in your small town when you notice a blonde haired blue eyed stranger walking down the street toward the same street corner as you. He has his head phones in and is looking down at the ground. You find it weird that you don't recognize him because you know most of the people in town. You reach the street corner and wait to cross. He walks by you but doesn't stop on the edge of the street he keeps walking and you see a big truck turn the corner. You act quickly out of instinct and take a step forward and pull the stranger back to safety. But you use to much force and when you pull him he bumps into you and knocks you to the ground. You hit the ground and he lands on top of you. He scrambles to him feet and extends a hand to help you up. You look into his deep blue eyes and grab his hand while he pulls you up. When your hands touch sparks fly. He drops your hand once you are standing and you wonder if he felt the sparks too. He smiles at you and says, "thank you for saving my life are you okay." You smile back and say, "ya i am fine and I wasn't going to just let you get crushed by that truck but you should really pay more attention to where you walk." He smiles and then his face turns slightly more serious. "Are you sure your okay you have a cut on your forehead?" He says while leaning in to touch my forehead my breath catches and I wince in pain. "Your not okay. I am going to take you to the hospital right now so you can get stitches." You look up at him tell him that you will be fine and will be late for work if you go. He looks unhappy with your answer and then picks you up and slings you over his shoulder and says, "you are getting stitches right now you saved my life and I want to make sure your okay." You giggle slightly and he walks with you like this all the way to his car and then buckles you in. He gets in the drivers seat and begins to drive off to the hospital.
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