I will put up little thing you can imagine you are doing hope you like them. Also if you want me to make one for you you can post who you want it to be with and what part of your relationship you want it to be at (meeting, first kiss, proposal, ect.....)


5. Water Fall (for Directioner518 Logan)

     Imagine you are done getting ready for your first date with Harry Styles and your slipping on your shoes when you get a text from him letting you know he is on his way to pick you up. You smile like an idiot at the screen of your phone and text him back, 'ok I am ready' Soon you hear a knock on the door.

     You open the door and there he is with a smile on his face. You smile back and he says, "You look beautiful." You blush and say, "You don't look to bad your self."

     He grabs your hand and starts to walk you to the car. He opens the passenger side door for you and you get in and buckle while he closes your door and walks to the drivers side of the car. 

     He starts the car and begins to drive away. "So Harry, where are we going?" You ask.

     "That's for me to know and you to find out. It's a surprise" He replies.

     "Oh come on harry just tell me. I hate surprises." You protest.

     "Nope. But don't worry it's not to far you don't have to suffer for long."

     "Okay. Fine. I'll wait." You reluctantly agree. He continues driving and soon he turns into a parking lot but there aren't any buildings around so you are confused and wonder what he is doing. "Harry, what's going on? Where are we?"

     "Don't worry love just wait a little longer and you will find out." He gets out of the car and gets something out of the trunk. He comes back to your side of the car and opens the door for you and you get out. You see he has a basket but can't see what is inside it.

     Harry grabs your hand and begins walking you to a path in the woods. You fallow and eventually you reach a clearing with a stream and a beautiful waterfall flowing . You see a blanket with pillows and candles on it and everything looks so magical. The sun is starting to set which makes it look even better. You turn to Harry with a big smile on your face. "It's beautiful." He blushes and you sit on the blanket with him. He begins unpacking the basket which you find out is full of food. You both eat what he packed and talk for a while.

     Then fire flies come out and you guys catch them and put them in a jar that used to have food in it. Then as you are about to grab another one you are pushed into the water. You come up for air and turn to see Harry laughing at you. The water is actually warm and feels nice, but you pretend you are mad. "Harry how could you?" You half yell at him. He just keeps laughing. "Could you at least help me out?" You ask he comes over the edge and extends his hand you grab it and pull him in instead of trying to get out. 

     You started laughing and when he comes up for air he grabs you around the waist and spins you towards him. You stare into his eyes and you laughter fades fire flies swarm around your head and reflect in the water everything is perfect and beautiful and Harry leans in and kisses you you kiss back and it is amazing sparks fly and you feel like your in heaven. You pull apart and continue to swim around and enjoy the rest of your night with him you never want it to end.

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